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Jan 16, 2011 12:33 PM

Market 17 - Has anyone tried the dining in the dark menu?

We recently had the four course tasting menu and thought it was wonderful. We got to try eight different dishes so it was a pretty good sampling of what was on the night's menu. The standouts were the shrimp fritters which were crispy and incredibly flavorful. They were served with three different sauces, one more tasty than the other. The guinea hen was also delicious as was the red snapper. The lentil/vegetable hash under the hen was so good it could have been its own dish. Everything else we tried was also very good. The wine parings were very good and very interesting. With the desert course the sorbet with raspberry-mint sauce was served with a sparkling shiraz by Shingleback which was unbelievable. Not something that I would normally even try, but that's what's so good about a tasting menu.
Anyway, what I wanted to know is if anyone's tried the dining in the dark menu and what did you think? We will definitely be going back, but it does seem like it would be a fun thing to do.

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    1. re: OysterHo

      We had a regular dinner there several months ago that I thought was good, not great. Then we went back in April to celebrate my daughter's birthday with dining in the dark. We were a group of four and we had a really great time. The food was better than I expected, and if you're worried that you'll be served strange food, don't be. It was all pretty basic stuff - though they did include the antelope, which was good. The room is pitch black, and you eat the entire meal with your hands. We really enjoyed trying to figure out what we were eating. The dinner ended up being pretty expensive though. We had 5 courses, the wine pairings and two rounds of shots in between courses and the bill with service came in just under $1,000. Honestly, we were a little surprised since we really didn't know the cost up front. If I were to do it again, I'd probably do 4 courses and I wouldn't do the wine pairings, which were very small pours of not that interesting wine. I'd just order by the bottle or stick to cocktails. The only slightly disappointing course was the first course, which was just a salad - yes, it's fun to eat salad with your hands, but it just wasn't exciting. Lastly, it's probably good to go with people who aren't picky. While they do ask you up front for any allergies or extreme dislikes, we mentioned 1 extreme dislike and it didn't feel like they wanted to enterain a list of dislikes. It's best to go with people who aren't afraid of not knowing what they are eating. All in all it's a very fun experience.

      1. re: tlubow

        Thank you! $1000 for 4 people is way too much but we were thinking of doing the wine and tasting menu for 4 courses @ $85 each. Thanks for your review. :)

        1. re: OysterHo

          Yeah, we had a bit of sticker shock ourselves. But the food was much better in our dining in the dark experience than our regular dinner a month or so earlier. Either it was just an off night or maybe things really do taste better when you can't see them???!!!