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Ground chicken nighmare. Please send in immediate troops.

We unpacked the grocies. I'd seen Mr. toss somthing into the freezer, fast and kinda sneaky. I just figured he spent too much on one partiular cut of mean and I wasn't into the almost-poitive fight that would've ensued. Imagine my suprise, two lbs of ground chicken frozen >
Well yay him!! I do know that it's a versatile flavor and that it will work with any recipe calling for ground meat. That's the good part; the bad part is I don't like that stuff. Here's what I've got on hand; we're at a stalemate 'cause I'm pissed now , the game is on Nobody's going to the store
Pastas/Any kind, dressed
Ripe Pears
Vidalia onion confit
Thai Green curry sauce
any spice you could name

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  1. my condolences, I don't like chicken at all, but ...... I'd try the green curry paste and the onion confit, rice cooked with any herb or more green curry, add some peanuts or cashews and any frozen vegs you might have... and I'd even add the pears at the end (just made a great green curry with mangoes and green apples). Maybe serve it with buttermilk cornbread? I realize this sounds like mixing lots of stuff but I've done far worse and it came out OK.

    OR: order pizza delivered and tell him to deal with the chicken when his family comes over.....

    1. Ground chicken certainly isn't my favourite, either, but it's what you have to work with! So, I would make homemade ravioli stuffed with chicken mousse (using a bit of your buttermilk) served with a saffron cream sauce or simple browned butter sauce. Great with your onion confit. As ground chicken is bland perhaps add some green cardamom and mahleb in the filling would be delicious.

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        Very nice idea, chefathome. I'm going to copy and bookmark for future reference; I'd like to try this on a day when I have more time. Thanks.

      2. Thai lettuce wraps
        Cannelloni with bechamel sauce
        Yes it's a bit dryer than turkey, but takes on flavors nicely. Herbs and spices don't get lost, and its low in fat.

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          As Chicklet stated you have the ingredients for Thai Laab. The most common form of Laab uses ground chicken, Dried crushed chiles, mint lemon grass(maybe you have maybe not), Vietnamese fish sauce, green thai curry sauce lettuce to roll up the cooked mixture, like a Tamale corn husk wrapper, only diff. is eat the whole thing.

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            Heading straight for the laab idea. I always do keep a variety of spices and herbs around and as a matter of fact have the mint and lemongrass on hand, as well as a bunch of romaine that needs using, and some chopped peanuts. Great ideas all the way down the line.

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                Love pad gra prow - i usually do it with pork but chicken would be fine too. and laap is one of my favorite dishes! you might even thank him in the end... if you've got david thompson's thai food book, i recall there being a lot of recipes that use minced chicken in there.

        2. Here's what I'd do, even if I had to go to the store. Ground chicken is so expensive compared to whole meat, so I don't do these often, but I think they're special.


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            those look absolutely delicious. thanks!

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                Man oh man, do these sound good; another for the file and for work too.

              2. Hey, it's in the freezer, right? It's not like the clock is ticking while you wait for inspiration to strike.

                I've heard good things about the Mar-a-Lago turkey burger. Bet that would work.

                But I'd go with laab, as chef chicklet suggested. Match it up with some sweet rice and a green papaya salad (easy peasy if you buy the green papaya already shredded at the Asian market) and you've got yourself a fine meal!

                Eating well is the best revenge...

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                  Here's the link. LOVE them.


                  And as you say, they're frozen. What's the big deal? Find something else to fight about :)

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                    No, I didn't say it was frozen; I said he tossed it in the freezer whereupon I retrieved it to see what I was going to do with the two pounds of ground round I'd asked him to bring home. So yeah, the clock was ticking a little inasmuch as we were both absolutely done for the day after an out of town weekend necessitated by a medical emergency. Thanks for the Mara-a-Lago idea; another good one.

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                      Ah, now I understand. Hope the laab is/was delicious!

                  2. A "Nightmare"?? Oh for heaven's sake - if you don't like it to the point where your poor husband has to hide it (poor guy), just throw it out. Although I prefer ground turkey, I for one, find it very hand for tacos, meatballs, pasta meat sauce, sloppy joes - anything & everything one would use ground beef for. It's not some sort of "mystery meat". Just try it in any favorite recipe that calls for ground beef. Assuming, of course, that you don't hate that too.

                    And why, exactly, do you HAVE to eat it tonight? You said you just went grocery shopping & he threw it in the freezer. Didn't you buy anything else? Or is the ground chicken all you have to eat? Do you just grocery shop for one day at a time?

                    Because if you'd like to get to "know" how to use ground chicken (or turkey), it would be better to actually PLAN trying an actual recipe that uses it rather than just throwing together something from what you have on hand. Even I wouldn't count on loving something like that. "Ripe Pears" & ground chicken over "Rice"? YUCK!

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                      Sorry, but I couldn't disagree more. The reason so many people hate ground chicken is that they've been told that it's a good substitute for ground beef. For me, at least, It isn't even close.

                      And ground chicken with pear chunks actually sounds pretty good. Maybe go North Indian with the spices - cardamom, cinnamon, a bit of clove and cumin - it might be a hit!

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                        Boy, do I ever agree with you. If you use it like ground beef, that would be a 'recipe' for failure.

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                          Yeah, it's the texture, the dryness and the lack of flavor that I object to, plus the whole aspect of "mechanically separated meat" really bothers me. I like the idea of the chicken and pears - make a spiced meatball with a glaze, and kebab it and serve it over a bed of rice with sauteed apples, onions, butternut squash chunks, cilantro, cumin....pretty much what you said.

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                          OK, so this calls for Chicken breasts but one could add some nuts for texture...

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                            We frequently shop for the day's protein one day at a time; neither of us really cares to keep meat laying around very long; thanks for asking.

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                              I'm sorry, but I'm a little taken aback by your suggestion to "just throw it out." That's a terrible waste, and even if they did not want it, I'm sure they could find someone else who would eat it. There are families in our communities who have very little to eat, and throwing out two pounds of ground chicken because you don't like it is so wasteful and selfish I cannot wrap my mind around this concept. I'm sure the OP will find a recipe that works, but if not I hope the alternative is a food pantry or neighbor's kitchen, not a trash can.

                              1. re: LoBrauHouseFrau

                                Thank you, LBHF. I was also taken aback by the suggestion and the spirit behind it.
                                Himself bringing me ground chicken when I distinctly asked for beef would be akin to me bringing him "tasti-good" 99c chicken hotdogs when he asked for a great t-bone. Had I really been unable to find a decent-sounding recipe, of course I'd have passed it onto someone, as I do not waste food.
                                Oh, and BC? My poor husband doesn't consider himself unlucky to have me at all. So no need to get personal and snarky about it. If my questions irritate you, I'd prefer you not answer them than come at me in a snotty way. Thanks in advance.

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                                  mamachef, just wondering what you meant by "decent-sounding recipe"? I also agree with your other comments!

                                  1. re: heylids

                                    I guess what I meant is that I needed to utilize it in a way that wasn't just ground chicken masquerading as ground beef: i didn't want ground chicken tacos, or ground chicken meatloaf or ground chicken spaghetti sauce; I know how to do all of that, and I find that when I post here and ask for people's ideas, though, they take me in a million different multi-ethnic directions and really help me get the creative juices flowing again. Lo and behold, I get great ideas for laab, burgers, and the spiced meatballs with pears. So, ya take the good with the bad; I got lots of great help and ideas and one snotty comment.

                                    1. re: mamachef

                                      I must say, your posting also gave me great ideas and I too will be trying out some of these great suggestions.

                              2. re: Breezychow

                                Wow...I read the OP's posting asking for inpiration with ground chicken, not the third degree about her shopping habits. The fact that you suggested throwing away perfectly good meat in this economy was just about the most stupid comment I've read on Chowhound. Wow...

                              3. You can also make stuffed peppers and/or cabbage with ground chicken. They're great if you spike the tomato sauce they simmer in wiith chipotle en adobo puree, cumin, etc. I like adding black beans, lime juice, and other Mexican seasonings to the meat.

                                1. Assuming you have Indian-oriented spices, you can make ground chicken keema....

                                  (If you don't have fresh ginger, it'll work out OK.


                                  Serve with rice.....or use as a filling for samosas (which are great finger food for game viewings)!

                                  1. Hi everyone,

                                    Ground chicken breast is a personal favorite of mine. I use it to make meatballs.

                                    I grind it myself - not as expensive and I have the rest of the chicken for other stuff. If you decide to grind it yourself, cut the chicken into grinder-size chunks and stick it in the freezer for a while. The cutting blade won't get gunked up.

                                    Oh, you can also grind your onion and parsley right along with the chicken if you're making meatballs. Saves mincing it on a board.

                                    The key - the chicken tends to be dry because it's lean - is to add a couple of spoons of olive oil and heavy whipping cream to the mixture.

                                    Onions, parsley, salt, pepper and Italian seasoned bread crumbs. An egg. Basically the same mix you would use for beef meatballs.

                                    Portion it out with a dipper, roll into balls (wet hands help here), put them on a cookie sheet and freeze them. Then store in a zip-lock.

                                    It's important to cook them from frozen. They're so tender they'll fall apart otherwise. I roll them around in a little olive oil in my saucier, then dump in some TJ's marinara, a glug or two of marsala and let them simmer for maybe 15-20 minutes.


                                    1. Like, I use to know how to cook, I prefer ground chicken for my meatballs. I take 1 lb of ground chicken, 2 eggs, salt; pepper, fresh parsley, basil, sometimes thyme and a little bit of sage. Add a small hand full of bread crumbs, 1-2 hand full of parm cheese, some cream and I add some water. I beat the wet ingr. and them gentlely fold everything in and let it sit for a while on the counter. Once my tomatoe sauce has simmered for several hours I will gentlely roll them in my hand and gentle drop them into the sauce. I let them simmer without stirring for 15-20 mins and everythings done! You can double the recipe, I don't do a large batch of sauce since it's just two of us. You can double the recipe. I also freeze some meatballs with sauce, just enough for a serving of pasta for our dinner.
                                      I made this on Thursday and on Friday I took some meatballs, broke them up with a fork added ricotta, parm cheese, egg(s), salt pepper more fresh parsley & basil added cream. I turned this filling into cannelloni. Everyone raved about them.....Hope this helps

                                      1. These chicken burgers are always a hit in my house. I think my husband likes them just for the peanut sauce.


                                        1. I've been fortunate enough to have numerous good experiences with this versatile and healthy protein. One of our favourites is Ina's Italian Wedding Soup that I'd highly recommend if you haven't tried it:


                                          1. coming late to the game, so i'm sure you've figured out and had a yummy dinner, oh resourceful one. here's a good use for your ground chicken - love these, and they were really the first time i used ground chicken for anything: http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/10/bak...

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                                              These sound and LOOK great. I have two small turkeys in my freezer. My plan is to use the meat from one for grinding. I can tell I'm going to have some good things to cook.

                                              1. re: mariacarmen

                                                LOL, great minds. This is the recipe I refer to above. They're very good.

                                              2. I really love this recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                                                It's made with breast meat, which I prefer, but it's a bit dry so if you like dark meat, you could sub that. I use serrano instead of jalapeno and use more of it and I think fresh water chestnuts are so much better. It's a pain to put it on skewers so I just make little patties. (It's great as a slider.)

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                                                1. re: walker

                                                  Funny. I thought this sounded a little familiar and when I tried to save it turns out I already had it. I'm thinking maybe kattyeyes recommended it.

                                                  1. re: c oliver

                                                    I forgot to mention that I add fresh garlic, too. When I chop the veggies in Cuisinart, I try to leave the water chestnuts at least the size of peas, makes a nice crunch. Before I bought the grinder, I would either buy the chicken ground (very hard to find) or do it in the Cuisinart; grinding your own is SO MUCH BETTER.

                                                    I think a squeeze of lime at the end would be good; I like them hot or cold. I've never made the noodles in the recipe; most of the reviewer liked them and they had some good ideas on variations.

                                                    1. re: walker

                                                      YES! I made these last year and I do the same as you--little patties so they cook throughout, no skewers. Very tasty indeed--as are the Mar-a-Lagos! if you have a raclette, it's fun to make Mar-a-Lago sliders on it, btw. Will definitely be checking out other new recipes on this thread, too.

                                                      1. re: kattyeyes

                                                        After reading the epicurious recipe, that's one I'll have to try, especially since it calls for grinding your own meat. Sounds fabulous.

                                                        1. re: mamachef

                                                          Oh! I didn't grind my own meat, but it's still very good. :)

                                                    2. I make mini chicken burgers for my kids all the time.
                                                      Ground chicken, grated ginger, finely diced chives, soy sauce, egg and a bit of cornstarch.
                                                      Fry em up and baste with teriyaki sauce (or whatever suits your taste).

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                                                        AdamD, what does the cornstarch do?

                                                        1. re: heylids

                                                          I think it helps bind the patty. Not really sure. Its part of the recipe though.

                                                      2. I know this thread was started in despair but in fact it's inspired me to succumb and buy some of the ground turkey the bf is always pleading for! I had imagined a bland grey tasteless mass but a lot of these ideas sound delicious - well done CHers, the bf thanks you.

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                                                          Another time try grinding meat yourself in FP, it gives you more choice and you know what's in it.

                                                        2. Wow! Just saw this today on Tastespotting -- looks really delicious!