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DTW Frita Batidos in Ann Arbor

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Went there this afternoon to have lunch....but I couldn't have lunch because they serve breakfast until 2 pm. Had to stand in line for 30 minutes before they told us this. Very disappointed. The building has bad "feng shui".for lack of a better word...when you walk in, it's not clear where/what you are supposed to do. There's no clear line. While you are trying to eat, people are standing all around you so that you are face level with their rear ends. I really didn't like this.

I got the potato nachos, which are like American fries with black beans on top and some guacamole. It was kind of bland. My kid got the cuban omelettee - it tasted like eggs filled with sloppy joe mix. We each got a batido, which is a creamy fruity shake and it was tasty. and a very small portion All in all, it was just okay....and my bill, including tip, was $36 for 2 people. It definitely wasn't worth it. Not sure I'll make it back for the frita....which was $7 just for a chorizo patty on it, and to get the toppings it was an additional $3 for what is essentially a hamburger.

Frita Batidos
117 W. Washington, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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  1. Yikes. Sorry to hear you had a bad time. This place was on my list to try. Maybe I'll move it down a couple slots in the priority ranking...

    1. I have eaten at FB twice, carried out once, and had two failed attempts to eat there (due to FB's odd schedule/menu issues). The food is tasty; the fish frita and inspired Cuban, omg! But the portions are modest and the prices high.
      Mixed bag--I say go there with the expectation of casual dining. Go there with the back-up plan of eating elsewhere if necessary. At FB, the staff is uneven, often brusque. Funny how a place like Zingermans manages to combine the casual with such welcoming, great service, always.

      Frita Batidos
      117 W. Washington, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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        Hmm. This sounds like a place that might cause me some consternation, then. Modest portions with high prices bug me, period. Might have to put this one off.

      2. Try a frita loco—insanely good. You'll see why people are waiting in line and putting up with the admittedly spotty service. The batidos are also good, and I'm waiting for warmer weather before getting them all the time.

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          Jim, it's $10 for a hamburger.....is it really worth 10 bucks?

        2. Sounds like the stereotypical Ann Arbor restaurant -- overpriced for mediocre food, brusque service, and excessively over-hyped. Like VTB, I really wanted to try this place, but I've become more and more convinced that it's just another unnecessarily pretentious, overly hyped place.