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Any place serve fried pickles?

Anyone know of a restaurant, preferably in Monmouth County area that serves fried pickles? I always enjoy them when down in NC and SC, and was just watching the Food Network, and they showed a place in Philly that serves them. Kind of got my mouth watering for them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. The only place I can think of in Monmouth County is Buffalo Wild Wings in Eatontown.

    1. Bond Street in Asbury does fried pickle spears...they serve them with a tasty chipolte dipping sauce

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        Ive heard Cheese Burger in Paradise has them on the menu also ...


      2. The new barbecue place on Route 9 North (Mo Green's Roast House BBQ) offers them as a side dish. Haven't tried them but considering most of the food is pretty decent, might be a nice find.

        1. It's not monmouth, but mercer. Triumph Brewery in Princeton serves them as an appetizer, and they're pretty good. They do the chips battered and fried.

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          1. Pringles makes a dill pickle flavor if you need a fix but can't find them. Not that it's a real substitute.

            1. See link to Adam's Rib below - fried pickles are on the menu

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                  Turns out both location of Adam's Rib are CLOSED, so you can cross them off the list...

              1. Thanks for the suggestions. I actually wound up making my own Sunday night. Came out pretty good. I was unaware wild wings had them, its only about 5 minutes from my home. I will have to try thiers. Thanks again.

                1. I saw Snooki eating them on Jersey Shore last week at the Seaside Heights boardwalk.

                  1. There's a new place that just opened in New Brunswick called George Street Ale House and they are service fried pickles. The chipotle ranch that comes with the pickles is awesome.

                    1. All the Smashburger locations serve fried pickles. They're available as a topping or as a side dish. Actually, they're pretty interesting.

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                        I had them for the first time at my favorite bar in Bar Harbor. Delish!

                      2. They have them on the menu at the Texas Roadhouse on Rt 9 S

                        Texas Roadhouse
                        2299 N 2nd St, Millville, NJ 08332

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                          The Bond Street's pickles are very good; I'm a sauce fanatic and the chipotle sauce here is a plus. I have also tried the pickles at Clancy's, which are very good as well.