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Jan 16, 2011 11:43 AM

Daikanyama at Bloomingdales

4 of us had a very nice dinner at Daikanyma last night. First, they have a short wine list, a few beers and a longer list of sakes.They said they had a "full bar" but it turns out they only had vodka and a couple of other things. One DC had a cosmo which was ok. Sake and Sopporo Silver beer were fine.

The menu is very long and divided into Entrees from the Kitchen (tempura, katsu, teriyaki and yakiniku) served with salad and rice; a long list of sushi, about 9 Noodle dishes (udon or soba);clay pot dishes served with rice and salad, soups and a very long list of House Special Appetizers, some of which ere very interesting. One DC had sushi, the rest had cooked food.

Miso soup was just ok. Appetizers of house made gyoza and sake steamed manilla clams with garlic were very delicious. Another app- spicy fried calamari with garlic sprouts was a small portion but DC said it was tasty. An app of broiled eggplant with miso sauce was delicious.

The udon with shrimp and vegetable tempura was tasty and satisfying. I chose the soba noodles which were very good. One DC had udon with braised duck breasts which had a very generous portion of sliced duck breast on the top. They were out of most desserts except ice cream.

The restaurant is very small but very pretty. light wood, some waterfalls and high ceilings. Although it was full when we left, the noise level was very low. It was nice, for a change, to be able to have a conversation without yelling across the table. You can enter from outside as well as from inside Bloomies near the cosmetics department.

The service was slow. The waitress was very pleasant but clearly overworked. However, there was a nice gentleman who checked with us frequently and filled in the gaps in service. Everyone was very pleasant and accomodating.

The prices were somewhat high but some items seemed reasonable. I would definitely return. I am very interested to hear from others what they think of this little place. Unfortunately I can't comment on the sushi but I can say the presentations were beautiful.

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  1. We frequent their Lexington location, and have never had a bad meal. In fact, just ate lunch there today.

    They have a lovely app of uni three ways - I especially like the uni wrapped in shiso and deep fried.

    They have some creative rolls - the Fuji maki is one of our favorites. Today I had the Makimono lunch combo - three rolls - spicy tuna, avocado, and salmon. Serviced with miso soup and salad, $9.75. The simple rolls were lovely - super fresh, well formed, good rice. My daughter had the Sumo combo - 5 nigiri, Alaska maki, soup, and salad, also $9.50. She loved hers as well.

    I believe some of their key Lexington staff went to work at the new Bloomingdales location when they first opened, though they may be back in Lexington now.

    1. Enjoyed their miso black cod (gindara) although it had less sake marination than most versions I've had, and their braised kurobuta pork belly. Sushi was good, unfortunately they were out of california uni when I went. Wakatake onikoroshi ginjo sake was a bit off, would probably pass on it next time. Definitely going back.