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Jan 16, 2011 11:13 AM

Combining different Wedgwood lines - equal whiteness?

I'm currently looking for a new white china set and am looking at Wedgwood's Jasper Conran White range, but would be combining them with the Wedgood White rimmed pasta plates (which I prefer to the Jasper Conran bowls). Also, as both lines lack small bowls/dishes for dips and individual serves of various curries/sauces, I'd be looking to buy some of the dip/soy bowls from the Plato line.

Does anyone know if these pieces would go together, especially in terms of being equally white, but also in terms of style?

Also, does anyone know how long the Jasper Conran and Plato lines would be expected to continue in production? As I am buying a set for 24 people, if a piece breaks 10 years from now, I'd hate to have to junk the whole set due to it being discontinued...

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  1. Sunrider, I had the same question particularly as I'd heard that WW was a whiter white than Wedgwood's other lines. I then went to Bloomies to see in person, and the WW appeared to be the same white as the other Wedgwood lines in the store (don't think I looked specifically at Jasper Conran though).

    In terms of style, I think should be fine so long as you're not mixing the fairly traditional WW with an ultra modern Wedgwood style (again, I'm not familiar with the JC or Plato lines).

    If you're aiming for longevity, I think Wedgwood's white lines are the way to go. Also, Replacements is pretty good if a specific line goes out of production.

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      Thanks for the info!

      You can see the Plato and Jasper Conran lines here: and here: - an extra set of eyes is always helpful in making a decision!

      Plato is a very modern design as far as dinnerware goes, but not over-the-top in any way; also, I'd be primarily after the soy and dip bowls, in order to serve dips and curries (probably buying 96 soy bowls, for 4 per person...).

      I could always buy everything in the Plato line, but, given that I'm after a set of 24 (a fairly large investment), I'd be concerned about that line being discontinued. I have no concerns about Wedgwood White going out of production (it's been in production for 90 years...) but prefer the design of the plates in the Jasper Conran line.

      1. re: sunrider

        Sunrider, it looks like you might be able to mix and match among them somewhat, since WW has some more 'modern' pieces and Plato and JC seem to have some softer pieces. But I'm not sure about mixing e.g., some of the JC lines with ultra angular edges, with some of the traditional WW pieces.

        That said, if you are more informal in your dining and entertaining - which I am -- go for it! The whites do go together beautifully and I'm all for not making everything perfectly 'matchy matchy.' :-)

        Also, per Mikie's point below, you might be better off building your base in WW, which is more likely to offer longevity, and then getting add-on pieces you really like (serving bowls, etc.) in JC and Plato.

    2. I don't know if the whites match, but even if they ceased production tomorrow, there is always the secondary market- ebay, online replacement sites etc. I have added to my long ago(25 years) dc'd wedding china and my mother's as well.

      1. My comments are not necessairly addressing the issue with Wedgewood but dinnerware in general. My wife was once told, when her pattern was no longer available, that people change dishes something like every 5 years. I could be off slightly, but it was an absurdly low number. Therefore the manufacturers don't worry about discontinuing patterns. This may or may not apply to Wedgewood, but it has certianly made us gun shy. We as many don't plan to ever change the Wedgewood, and only change daily dinnerware when either there are more broken pieces than whole ones or as was the last case, they have so many black skid marks from the flatware that you just can't enjoy a meal. My advice is two fold: 1) be very careful, 2) buy a couple more pieces than you actually need. We usually buy service for 12 and buy 14 of everything. Yes, I know it's expensive to do that, but it's really expensive to come up short and not be able to find replacements, and a real pain to try to track down what you need in the secondary market, although with the internet that's not nearly as difficult as it once was.

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          1. iyc_nyc: totally agree about the ultra-angular Jasper Conran mugs clashing with other, softer pieces from the WW and Plato lines. I am not intending to buy the mugs, though, as I prefer to serve with crystal stemware. I'm also considering combining the JC/WW/Plato pieces with serving pieces from Royal Doulton's Fusion White range, as I prefer the contours of that range over the smoother serving ware from the Wedgwood lines. Any idea if the whites will match, given that RD is now owned and operated by Wedgwood?

            I'm also toying with the idea of not getting bone china at all, instead buying French Pillivuyt or Revol pieces, which are not as white, but can be combined with their oven-to-table bakeware and casserole ranges for an even shade of 'white'. Any opinions on this? Also, what are your thoughts on the Revol Grand Classique range? They look good on my monitor, and I've heard they're thinner and 'finer' than the Pillivuyt pieces, but, as they are not readily available in Australia, I'd have to order them over the internet without seeing them directly.