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Jan 16, 2011 11:03 AM

Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the US - ??

I caught news of this ceremony/"competition"/event via Sunday Morning's Bill Geist's usual tongue-in-cheek segment:

While the segment was entertaining - Bill Geist has one of the greatest jobs in the media world - I was flabbergasted by the absence of any notable Chinese eateries. The California-based Chinese eateries (particularly from the San Gabriel Valley area) that should have otherwise been top-heavy in the list were nonexistent. And a place in - Pennsylvania ?? - was number one? Hound greygarious posted this related info earlier:

If there ever was a list that could be called contentious, questionable and without merit, I think this is the one. The only redeeming factor about this all is the fact that I found out about it through Mister tongue-in-cheek, Bill Geist.

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  1. This is a pay-to-play list.

    Chinese Restaurant News, which publishes the list, doesn't even have a dividing wall between its editorial and marketing depts. because it's all marketing. You pay (and subscribe) you get an article written up about you, or your restaraunt.

    That said, nothing wrong with the list. It's interesting to look at, if nothing else.

    1. Not even worth getting in a tizzy over, the list is so off base. The ones in NorCal include some good ones, but not "the best", as well as some not anywhere close to good quality. One of the latter would be the Sakura buffet in Salinas

      1. Here in the Yuba-Sutter area of NorCal, we have 3 great places each good in their own way.
        #1 Chinese Garden. Family owned, the head chef was trained in China. The Sizzling Beef is fantastic, tender & flavorful. Also try Salt & Pepper Ribs & Barbecue Pork.
        #2 Dragon Inn. The Egg Rolls are outrageous! Buy a double order. Also try Beef with Seasonal Vegetables (particularly during Asparagus season).
        #3 China Moon. Decor is kitschy (picture bright pink paint & plastic flowers) but fun. Try the Sweet & Sour Shrimp.

        If you are looking for authentic Chinese food (not Americanized) look elsewhere!

        1. Some of the restaurants very actively campaign for votes, so having seen signs asking for votes in some restaurants in the past I knew it was kind of shady. Actually I'm surprised that there are some pretty good and authentic restaurants that take part in this exercise.

          1. Ipse and Melanie have nailed it. Nothing more than an advertising medium. In fact many of the SF Bay Area (NorCal) listings belong to some various clubs or associations, quite a few are frequent guests at certain functions, and almost always get coverage by the local Chinese TV station (and newspaper mentions).

            In some ways it is better that the really great places are not on that list. Too much exposure would just ruin it.