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Jan 16, 2011 10:59 AM

All-you-can-eat ribs anywhere near Seattle?

My friends and I used to hold an annual rib-eating contest, where we'd overtake a Tony Roma's and eat as much as possible. Unfortunately, Tony Roma's has closed down and the past year we have been unable to find a replacement.

Or are there any other all-you-can-eat deals that aren't for buffets? We thought about the WIngdome option and switching to wings, but it's not all-you-can-eat (although it is delicious!).

Thanks for your help!

PS: Before I get flamed for going to Tony Roma's in the first place, our priority was on quantity, not quality, of the ribs! :)

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  1. as far as i know, texas smokehouse bbq in woodinville still has all u can eat beef ribs on monday nights. might want to call first.

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    1. re: bighound

      I called them and they still have it on Mondays. Thank you for the tip!

    2. 3 Pigs BBQ in Bellevue has all you can eat beef ribs on Wednesdays. Pretty good stuff for round these parts.

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      1. Caspar's on 99 up in Shoreline has some for $21 on Wednesdays. Can't say on the quality but their banana pudding is the truth!

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        1. re: shaolinLFE

          I looked up Caspar's based on your mention, but it seems they closed.

          Anyone know anything about that? Must have been pretty recent. I was there in December.

        2. HD Hotspurs in Kent has all you can eat BBQ chicken and pork ribs on Wednesday nights. Pretty good too. I think it's 15.95

          1. My husband has been to a place called Wicked Rack in Everett for all-you-can-eat ribs on Wednesday nights. According to their website, it is still offered (for $15.95). He says they're nice and meaty, and you have a choice of 2 styles (which he characterized as "smoky" and "spicy").

            Wicked Rack Bar-B-Que
            10121 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204