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Jan 16, 2011 10:55 AM

Frozen Cantaloupe

Hi all, I had so much ripe cantaloupe from my CSA last summer I ended up cubing and freezing a bunch of it. Now I need to use it up! Any ideas other than smoothies? Thanks...

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  1. Cantaloupe granita or sorbet would be nice. You could also puree it.

    1. Soup. Caantaloupe goes really well with carrot soup as a natural sweetner.
      Ice cream-delicious paired with ginger bits
      Jello-the homemade kind!
      Jelly-subtle in flavor but nice on toast
      Add frozen cubes to cocktails

      1. You could, um, just defrost and eat them.

        1. If you add rum (or vodka or tequila), is it still a smoothie?

          1. Texture of frozen thawed cantaloupe will not be nice. Really your only options will invovle pureeing, as in the smoothie, sorbet, sauce vein.