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Jan 16, 2011 10:54 AM

Where can I find fresh galangal?

The title pretty much says it all. I'm in Allston, but I have a car so I'm willing to drive a bit if necessary.

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  1. try calling whole foods in alewife; i think that i saw it there.

    1. Last time I got it, I got it at H-Mart in Burlington.

      3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

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      1. re: skippy66

        H Mart is a tough spot to obtain south east asian ingredients, even common ones like lemongrass. Maybe they are gone by the time weekend rolls around and shoppers like me step in.

        1. re: nasilemak

          I bought galangal at H-Mart a few weeks ago. It was a snowy weeknight, tho.

          3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

      2. I just bought some yesterday at the Hong Kong Market (Formerly Super 88). They sell it in small pieces on plastic wrapped styrofoam trays.

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          1. re: chefematician

            yes. I also saw it there this weekend

            1. re: chefematician

              Yes. 1 Brighton Ave at Commonwealth Ave.

              I saw plenty of galangal there about two hours ago (Saturday afternoon). It is in the refrigerated part of the produce section.

          2. hong kong market and sunrise market on brighton ave should have it

            1. Thanks to galangatron, who refreshed my memory on the fresh tumeric question, I can say I got my last batch with the fresh tumeric at angkor thom market on shirley ave in revere. It freezes well, buy a bunch.

              I did get both the fresh tumeric and some fresh galangal at the Fresh Pond WF in the past, but every time I look recently, neither.

              This should probably be a new topic, but if there is anyone out there qualified to give a tour of SE Asian produce I'd love to participate. I'm still looking for lots of Malay/Burma/ etc. ingredients.

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              1. re: Madrid

                I'm certainly not qualified to give a tour, but I'd also love to participate in one Madrid. Keep me posted and if you find a qualified guide, I'm in!

                1. re: chefematician

                  Me too!
                  What a great idea (galangatron, would you be interested in being the guide?)
                  Actually, not just SE Asian, but any of the Asian cuisine ingredients merit a tour.

                  1. re: cassis

                    Jim Becker gives Chinatown market tours and Michele Topor does the same for the North End.


                    But I don't think there is a SE Asian focus...maybe I"ll email them to ask.