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Jan 16, 2011 10:31 AM

Royal Doulton Fusion White discontinued?

I'm just looking to buy a new set of white dinnerware at the moment (to serve 24) and like the design of Royal Doulton's Fusion White range, but have heard it may be discontinued - does anyone know anything about this? I know they are available online, but am wondering how much longer they'll be commonly available for, given that, if a piece breaks 10 years from now and is no longer replaceable, the whole setting may have to be junked...

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    1. re: Jay F

      Looks like it has been discontinued - very disappointing, given that it has only been in production for a few years and is such an elegant, yet modern pattern. Probably something to do with their financial troubles of late. Do you think it's still worthwhile buying a set, with a few spares in case of breakage?

      1. re: sunrider

        I don't know if this helps, but when I got married 20 years ago we registered for Royal Doulton Albany (very different from Fusion White I'll note!) Anyway, I realized about 10 years ago that the pattern had been discontinued, so I finished off my collection using Replacements Limited. I'm still on their email list for updates, and 10 years later I could still buy a whole set of it if I wanted to. So based on my experience I wouldn't be too concerned, other than that perhaps this pattern may not be quite as long-lived as mine was (mine was apparently around for about 15 years)

        1. re: DGresh

          Replacements Limited is great! I have an old set of Fostoria crystal that was discontinued, then picked up by Lenox, then discontinued again in the late 80s. I get mailers all the time about the pieces they have available. I'd have no trouble replacing a piece if it broke. I do think the popularity of the pattern must make some difference, though. If they only made it for a few years, there just aren't as many replacement pieces out there.

    2. I might just pick up some of the servingware pieces, at least, as long as they match colour-wise with Wedgwood white bone china - with their angled bases and smooth contours, they seem to be some of the nicest serving pieces available at the moment. I definitely prefer them to the completely non-angular serving pieces from Wedgwood White. Any thoughts?

      1. I was recently told by the department store where I bought my first 12 Fusion White settings that the pattern had been discontinued, and the fact that it's missing from the site initially seemed to confirm it. A visit to appears be advertising the line (along with the complementary Fusion Square and Fusion Embossed) as still available (in fact, as their "latest collection") for hotel and hospitality clients, at least in Canada (where I'm from). I'm also seeing it listed in the secondary market as a current pattern (perhaps for this reason?). Before I go bothering Royal Doulton's corporate sales staff to see if it's still available to other than large corporate clients, does anyone have experience trying to place small orders from the corporate arm of WWRD and/or other manufacturers, or know whether available-via-hospitality-channels effectively means "discontinued" for the rest of us?

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        1. re: Cavan

          The hospitality website is basically for hotels, restaurants, etc. They will only sell in quantities of 24 or more. However, in Canada there are WWRD stores that carry Fusion White line. Call 1-866-244-9923 and ask for the location/phone number of the store nearest you; or e-mail for the information. I called today and was put in touch with 2 stores near Toronto (on in Vaughan and the other in Markham) and was successful ordering all the pieces I wanted to expand my current set. Good luck!

          1. re: Terannah

            Thanks for the great info and leads. I'll definitely check this out!

            1. re: Cavan

              If you're anywhere near the Toronto area, here are a couple of phone numbers - Vaughan 905-760-0611, ask for Adam (open until 10 pm. Fusion White is on sale at 25% off today and tomorrow only.) Markham 905-479-8006. There is also a store in Pickering as well as a few others around the area. Cheers!

        2. This thread got bumped in December, 2011, so I googled "royal doulton fusion white" to remind myself what it looks like, and it turns out it's still available at Kohl's.