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Jan 16, 2011 09:41 AM

Kosher Delivery in Downtown Baltimore

I will be in Downtown Baltimore for business for an extended period in February (Mon-Thurs for 4 weeks). I will not have a car. Do any of the kosher restaurants/markets deliver to the downtown area?

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  1. There is a restaurant downtown called Van Gough Cafe, and the info is -
    300 South Ann Street
    Baltimore, MD 21231
    (410) 558-1958

    as for the other restaurants in town, some of them deliver, but I dont know if they'll go downtown, you can give them a call - here's a list of the restaurants -

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      You can also try MeLatte, they have a little cafe at Hopkins and I think they deliver.
      Ive also had deliveries to Hopkins from Eden Cafe (JCC Park Heights) and the Royal Restaurant. All the deliveries were for a crowd of 10-20, ive never had a delivery for one.

    2. 4 weeks is long time. What kind of kitchen set-up do you have?

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        Just remembered,

        Contact O'Fishel Catering, (410) 764-3474

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          REALLY GOOD food. Used them when we were in VA and were VERY pleased:)

      2. There is a Whole Foods downtown, bread, cottage cheese, fresh vegetables, etc, an easy walk from the downtown hotels, as is B'nai Israel, if you will be there on Shabbos.

        1. The Knish Shop may deliver to you

          1. My trip was postponed until next month so I am just refreshing the post to see if anyone has any other thoughts. I am supposed to have a fridge/microwave in my room which should help.

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              do you know where downtown? I'm in the dental school, which is close to the inner harbor, and there are kosher sandwiches in the law and medical school during the day...And supposedly there is also kosher stuff in Johns Hopkins, but I'm not 100% sure what and whether you can get the food at all hours.

              Although your best bet for a restaurant is that Van Gogh restaurant , and if you want deliver, Knish shop might, and David Chu's and Umami might also for a fee

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                also if you need a place for shabbos, or anything else, you can contact me at - nossi1023 @ yahoo . com

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                  Thanks for the info and very nice shabbos offer. I am heading back home for shabbos though.