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Jan 16, 2011 09:00 AM

Chicken in Vancouver

Since my beloved Le Kiu closed in Granville Island, I've been desultorily searching for a good substitute. There are many places to get "special" chicken (free range, non-medicated, organic etc) but what I'm really looking for is tasty, inexpensive birds without the bells and whistles. I prefer not to have to travel too far from Kits for time and environmental reasons but I do have a capacious deep freeze so stocking up is possible. TIA for your suggestions.

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  1. what are your criteria for your birds. you mention that you dont need special ones. so fair to say you are like me and dont like paying a premium for them. i've tried most of the chicken at the markets. though not a fan about how some chicken are raised. i've found that a simple brining can make any chicken delicious.

    there are only a handful of major chicken suppliers that serves the entire GVA. theirs names slip my mind at the moment.

    1. T & T works for me for those purposes, GE.

      From your office, walk down to 5th & Granville, catch the #50 Downtown. It terminates at Keefer & Abbott, a stone's throw from Tinseltown/T&T :-)

      PS: wasn't there a Le Kiu on Commercial Dr, next door to WazuBee ?

      EDIT: seems it now is called Apollo. Anyone been ?

      1. I just read a blog post on cooking wine chicken. The blogger mentioned ordering Win Tat chicken direct from the supplier. Cost is about 45 bucks for a case of 8 chickens. They will even deliver for free. Here's the the link to the blog post.

        Here's contact info for Wingtat Chicken.

        12951 Bathgate Way
        Richmond, BC
        Canada V6V 1Y5

        Tel: 604-278-4450

        Sales Department

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          I wish the Le Kiu on Commercial was still there. I should maybe try Apollo, and some of the poultry places in Chinatown too. T and T is not a bad idea either, though I do not heart the parking down there and I'd prolly need wheels to make the trip worthwhile (chicken is heavy, brah!).

          Win Tat looks interesting but I'm not sure I want that many whole chickens. Had some good wings from Jackson's on Fourth which were pre-butchered so no tips for. $4.88 a pound but they were all non-medicated and "special" again :-).

        2. I usually get the Maple Hills Farm chicken if I am doing a roast and the chicken they have at Super Valu (Commercial and First) for stews, etc. Do not get the chicken in the white vacuum bags that they sell at Save On foods....that is the funkiest tasting and smelling chicken that I have encountered. Completely inedible!

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          1. re: fmed

            I haven't been able to buy chicken from a garden-variety super market for years since I got some really rank stuff from Safeway. I should have put that in my OP, come to think of it.

          2. I have the exact same problem. I noticed that Jackson meats in Kits ( across from
            Safeway on 4 th) has decent prices ( relative to scary Safeway chicken). They are opening a poultry shop at Granville Island across from Armandos at the location of the old Turkey Stop.

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            1. re: lunchslut

              That's where I got my most recent poultry (see above) so I may just go with their product. They did mention they were opening another store at GIsle but I didn't realize it was going to be poultry only.

              1. re: lunchslut

                I get my non-medicated chicken (and ground buffalo/beef) from Famous Foods on Kingsway. Their prices are insanely low, often lower than supermarket non-organic, medicated meats & poultries.