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Jan 16, 2011 04:43 AM

Looking for low cal

Losing weight on my new years resolution regime and don,t want to screw it up. Where should I go while visiting LA? Must be yummy.

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  1. yummy low cal restaurant food = excellent example of a compound oxymoron

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      1. re: marciamarciamarcia

        Places like M Chaya may be of interest and Vin Loi too. Have you found Real Food Daily?

        Real Food Daily
        514 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

        M Cafe De Chaya
        9343 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

        Vinh Loi Tofu
        18625 Sherman Way Ste 101, Reseda, CA 91335

        Real Food Daily
        414 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90048

        1. re: Servorg

          The M Cafe in Culver City has closed. In its place is Native Foods a vegan restaurant. Let me say that I love a good steak, fowl and seafood. I was dragged to this place and actually enjoyed it...for a change. Very tasty dishes which are healthy and low cal. Great staff as well. The food is very satisfying with no guilt attached. Judging from the crowd and the number of locations, I would say this chain is on to something. Worth a try. For a change.

          1. re: Baron

            i adore eating at native foods.
            can't really call it low cal unless you are firmly in denial.
            eating there is a caloric splurge. if you do go, i recommend the 'rockin morrocan' rice bowl.

            as far as m cafe de chaya goes, it is a similar story.
            their Big Macro with a side salad (i love their roast cauliflower salad) will 'cost' somewhere in excess of 850 calories.. . . .
            that hasn't stopped me from enjoying them, but for most women an 850 calorie lunch is not going to lead to any weight loss.
            also, m cafe de chaya no longer operates in culver city, native foods has taken it's place.

            the only really low cal delicious food i've found are the coctels at Mariscos Chente in inglewood, BUT you must completely eschew the chips they will put on the table if you don't prohibit them from doing so. their cevice's are the same story---if you eat the chips, you can't call it low cal.

            eating sashimi is another way to go to reduce your waistline. my go-to place for sashimi is k-zo in culver city. imho, they are a cut above any of the neighborhood sushi bars without costing any more.

            1. re: westsidegal

              can't really call it low cal unless you are firmly in denial.
              eating there is a caloric splurge.
              agreed. the public at large just can't shake the misconception that vegan or vegetarian = low cal!

              back when i still ate tofu i was a big fan of the "Hollywood" bowl at Native.

              lower-cal options at M Cafe:

              1. re: westsidegal

                Hi WG. I suspected that Native Foods were high in calories. (They dont list them). My solution is to not eat the whole portions which are pretty generous. If they'd listen to me, I would advise them to ease up on the sugar. I agree about the sashimi and K-Zo which has become my go to place as well. Culver City has become quite the dining destination. Have you tried the new noodle place down from the Father's Office? That should be pretty low cal. But then there are those carbs! Can't win.

                Father's Office Bar
                1618 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA

                9240 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

            2. re: Servorg

              One other suggestion to investigate. In Canoga Park (the San Fernando Valley) you might enjoy "Follow Your Heart" as it strives to be both tasty and healthy.

              Follow Your Heart
              21825 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA