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Jan 16, 2011 03:57 AM

As seen on late-night TV --- Robo stir

Wow. Robostir... when you're just too busy or lazy to stir your own food. I thought it was a joke commercial.

anyone want to admit to trying this out?

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  1. What a hoot, Anthony Sullivan carrying on the torch for Billy Mays.

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      well they did work together..... there is a tv series featuring them working together that ended halfway thru when mys od-ed (the day after he dressed up like a knight and left the set like 20 times to go to the bathroom as far as i remember)

    2. must say we all giggled when we saw this, so much energy to stir with a spoon??

      1. OK. I guess I'm the donkey because if I could pick up just one of them at a local store I'd pop the $5 to see if I could walk away from a risotto. And I wouldn't mind it watching over a gravy on Thanksgiving when I'm doing 4 things at once at the end.

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        1. re: rainey

          Risotto is exactly what I thought of first! If I made risotto more frequently than I do I would grab one. Gravy at TG is also a great idea, rainey!

          I probably wouldn't buy one of these due to storage space issues, but I think there are more useless products out there.

          1. re: woodleyparkhound

            >>>>If I made risotto more frequently than I do I would grab one.<<<<

            If you grab one, maybe you'll make risotto more frequently than you do.

        2. I wouldn't use it cause I kinda like stirring, but I'm sure there's a bunch of people out there that would love it, plus it actually looks like it works.

          1. My first thought -- if it truly works, this would be an absolute GOD-SEND for making roux. And then to a lesser degree risotto.

            That being said, I can't imagine tearing myself away from the 1.5 hour stirring process ... it's almost zen for me at this point.

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            1. re: a213b

              Roux was my first thought too.

              I'd be interested but would only buy 1 at $5 and only at a local flea market or something.


              1. re: a213b

                I saw the commercial and thought that it didn't look strong enough for risotto but if heating milk for yogurt for instance it could keep the milk for scorching. Still not enough incentive for me to consider buying something off a tv commercial. The few items I have purchased that way were way crappier than expected. Never again.

                1. re: scubadoo97

                  That would actually be great for hot chocolate. I hate standing over the milk and chocolate and stirring so it doesn't scorch. Or, heating milk for creme fraiche. Hmmm, if they had a built in thermometer that would beep, it could come in handy! I wouldn't buy from a TV infomercial either, though.

                2. re: a213b

                  Seriously doubt those little arms can stir anything heavy.