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Jan 16, 2011 03:36 AM

want to something with Foie gras and mangos?

This is my basic idea I have duck foie gras and I can get mangos. I want to do something with both but the recipes I read are very complex, is there something simple I can do?

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  1. you could dress the mango with a spicy infused vinegar (a good balsamic, or maybe something along a fruit line -- like a cherry vinegar) then layer thin slices of foie gras with very thin slices of mango in a napoleon fashion. for canape sizes, you could use a cutter. or... get a round form, open at top, and layer in your components. it might be nice to add some thinly sliced english cucumber for crunch.

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    1. re: alkapal

      I cook the foie first right? I love this idea.

    2. make a mango "chutney" using agave syrup and a touch of vinegar to serve along with the foie- which I would simply pan sear

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      1. re: AdamD

        i don't care for the agave syrup flavor and, further, mango doesn't need sweetener unless it is underripe.

      2. I love alkapal's infused vinegar/mango layered black tie affair, and I fnd that foie pairs nicely with certain fruits, cherries, roasted grapes, mango, persimmon, citrus, etc., or any other slighty tart assertive fruit.

        If you haven't cooked foie before, this recent thread will give you some cooking technique tips and hints, so you don't mess it up (I sincerely don't think you would anyway ;-) The frozen foie gras aspect may not apply to you, but the cooking technique does:

        1. What did you wind up doing? I'm not into the fruity stuff so will be interested in hearing.

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          1. re: c oliver

            I have to wait and buy the mangos, it will be a while this thread was brain storming.

            1. re: YAYME

              So you froze the liver? Isn't that going to negatively effect it?

                1. re: c oliver

                  Yes I did, it's slices of Foie from D'tarngnan. i'm going to thaw it out. I hope it will be okay.

            2. My first thought was a mango salsa with red onion and fresh mint which I think would be nice with seared foie gras. I, too, am curious to see what YAYME will come up with!