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Jan 16, 2011 01:09 AM

Buying spices in Hong Kong plus a few other ingredient questions

We have just arrived in HK and need to replenish our spices. Is there a good place that sells a broad range of fresh spices. We tend to cook a lot of Indian, Thai and North African, so need a place that does these as well as the normal local spices.

For Chinese spices are there any good spots for Sichuan ingredients e.g. good quality peppers, facing heaven chillies and Sichuan bean paste?

Also is there a good place for fresh fruit and veggies especially herbs and salad leaves? We have surveyed Great Food Hall, Olivers, City Super, Market Place by Jason, Three Sixty and the Park'n'Shop brands Fusion and Taste. They seem OK but not exceptional.

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  1. For good authentic Thai spices, you have to venture into Kowloon City where the Thai expats are congregated. Tons of emporiums.
    For Indian spices, you have to visit TST, the areas behind Chung King Building around Mody Road .
    North African spices could be a tough one. May be you can grab a Sharwarma from some Middle Eastern place in Lan Kwai Fong and pick the owner's brain?!
    Good Luck!

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      Thanks Charles - we will venture forth.

    2. If you live on HK side, the little shops behind the wet markets can sometimes surprise you - I was able to get almost all the dry spices that I needed (for Thai and middle eastern cooking) just off Graham Street/ Wellington Street. For fresh herbs, there are the Thai markets around Wanchai, and sometimes the supermarkets, but the herbs some of them carry seem to vary from week to week...

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        There is one market in the Central Wet market right on Graham that has cheaper western herbs and salad greens. Don't know the name of it but it sells thai eggplants, beets, raddichio, lettuce, rocket/arugula, etc for much cheaper prices than City Super or Olivers.

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          Do you mean Wah Kee at 22 Gage Street? It's pretty good although often limited range. Another good bet is the Island East Farmers Market on Sundays you need to check for the dates as it is still establishing itself, when they have herbs they are very very good.

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            Nope, around the corner just along Graham downhill towards Queens Rd. Just got back from there and apparently more and more of the veggie stands on that alley are carrying western salad greens. There is one shop that has more Thai, some Chinese dried peppers, and lots of western jarred sauces and things like that. It's still a limited stock and not at all comprehensive.

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              Hi - stumbled upon this chain when i was looking for the "Thai shop" today, I know, it's 2 years later. Just in case others like me are looking for Thai ingredients, it's on the 2nd floor of the 97 wellington street btw. Some told me Wanchai wet market also has tons of Thai grocers, but it's so hot here in HKG and after walking up and down hills by Graham, I really cannot deal with going there. The Thai shop is tiny and it has just enough ingredient for my green thai curry - the paste (comparable to my fave back in SF), the thai egg plants (white color, round like a big radish), thai basil, and coconut milk that are cheaper than the Fusions market that I visit regularly since I arrived a couple of days ago.

              The salad greens that jondis mentioned, yes, i was there, it's literally next (downhill) to the old "Thai shop". It was that owner who pointed out to me the updated address of the Thai shop. Arugula costs only 100 HKG per lbs. (not chinese lbs, i.e. catty), so it's pretty good deal.

      2. In the Wanchai Wet Market, i can find tons of spices for indian and thai food but i'm not familiar with north african cuisine. If it's similar to the Middle East cuisine, probably you can find similar spices in those places. The biggest one is probably Sing Fat Coconut (成發揶子) which has been there after the second world war.

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          Thanks to all - we will be investigating.

        2. For Indian and Middle Eastern spices, try Chung king Mansions or

          1. Yuan Heng Spice Company
            19 Tung St in Sheung Wan

            For my indian spices i use Trinity ... they deliver. they will even have alphonso mangos during the season.

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              Love Alphonso mangoes, when are they in season next, I wonder?