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Nov 30, 2005 03:34 PM

Solar de Cahuenga - New Hollywood Restaurant

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I wanted empanadas, so I was going to try Sabatino’s again, but as I turned from Franklin onto Cahuenga, I noticed a new restaurant, and had to give it a try.

There’s parking on Franklin, and about 15 tables outside in a loosely separated area. Also there are about 5 tables right on Franklin.

Inside, there are a bunch (say 25) of 2-tops and a sprinkling of people working on laptops, or reading, or writing. Some were actually eating. There is also a small room off to the side with a Persian rug, pillows and a low table where you can sit on the floor and enjoy yourself.

The menu has a section for savory crepes (ham and cheese, pesto, etc.) and sweet crepes (Suzette, PB&J, etc.). There are also salads and sandwiches. There is a pastry case with croissants, cupcakes and cake. There is also a large selection of coffees and teas, much like Coffee Bean or Starbucks.

The beef stroganoff crepe was delicious!!! It comes on a large triangular plate and the crepe measures about 7 inches by 7 inches by about a half inch thick. This is no dainty tubular crepe. The filling was not the traditional heavy-cream-and-sherry-in-a-thickened-mushroom-beef-broth. Instead, it was a tomato and mushroom sauce that was creamy and just thick enough to avoid being runny. It had some peppers in there just to add a little extra zing, but it was not spicy at all. This was just outstanding. I devoured it quickly.

I also got a ham and cheese empanada. This was also delicious. The crust had a breath of sweetness to it, but not so much that it took anything away from the filling. The tasty ham was diced into nice sized little chunks, and the melted white cheese had a nice aged flavor to it.

The crepe came with a choice of soup (vegetable), salad or French fries. I chose the salad, and was a little disappointed. It was fundamentally a small pile of iceberg lettuce, some of which had freezer burns on it, with a few pieces of shredded carrot, a couple pieces of raw red onion and some small pieces of chopped tomato. The balsamic dressing was good, but the salad was left wanting.

While waiting, I also saw another customer take her cobb salad back to the counter complaining that it was nothing more than a bowl of iceberg lettuce, and asking if they had any other lettuce. So I think I’ll stay away from the salads.

The crepes, with a side order as described above, run about $7-$10. The empanada was $3, and an orange juice was $2.50.

The space is warm and inviting, and I’ll bet it will get pretty crowded as more people learn about it. But it’s pretty big, so now it’s relatively empty. I will definitely be back to try the other items on the menu. Maybe tomorrow.

Solar de Cahuenga
1847 N. Cahuenga (at Franklin)
(323) 467-7510

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  1. Nice field work, Mikey.



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    1. re: Chino Wayne

      Thanks Wayne. A couple of weeks ago I spent about 4 hours reading your blog and laughing my * off. Keep it up.

    2. I too have had terrible service and food at solar!
      A omlette (served cold) w/ a side, a water and orange juice and a side of potatoes cost a whopping 25.00! I can go to the four seasons for better service and a breakfast that expensive!

      This was the second time a gave the neighborhood haunt a try. The first I waited an hour for my omlette!

      1. It went from good to real bad. I ate at Solar many times and will not return. After eating over $600.00 in breakfast’s there I went on Saturday morning. The person at the counter informed me that toast did not come with my breakfast crepe; it would be fifty cents extra. Since every time I ordered my breakfast before I was offered bread and received it at no charge, I figured that the person whom I had not seen before was new. I asked to speak to a manager just to clarify after expressing I had never been charged before. Not that half dollar is that big of a deal but it was more principle. The person that was helping me was informed me he was THE OWNER and started with an attitude, to say the least he lost a good customer over what probably cost him two cents, since the bread always seemed stale any way.

        1. We've been there twice in the past 2 weeks. Not once did our salads have iceberg lettuce (which I won't eat), but instead had plentiful fresh greens. And the salad portions were HUGE. One of the times I had the chicken pesto crepe and while a tad on hte oily side, the flavor was all there. Service: not a problem. Prompt and courteous.

          Maybe we've just been lucky? The last couple of times I went earlier in the year were for coffee and food to go, but again no problems with service or food. Though, I wish they had a website with menu or takeout menu.