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Jan 15, 2011 08:34 PM

Brew Restaurant

We will be headed to Dallas for a wedding and when we travel we like to check out some places that have good food and brew their own beer. Not really into just plain bar food but something more interesting- any suggestions??

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  1. There are no true brewpubs in DFW. The closest you'll get are the chainy places like Humperdinks or BJ's but both technically contract their beer to other area breweries and those beers are just a notch above "good" homebrew quality.

    I would say go to Meddlesome Moth if you're serious about "interesting"

    Humperdinks Restaurant
    700 Six Flags Dr, Arlington, TX 76011

    1. Yeah, brewpubs just don't click down here much. There is a small brewery in Mckinney, TX named Franconia. Bars and restaurants will sometimes have 1 or two of Franconia's beer on tap. But, there is a bar in Plano named Holy Grail that normally has all of Franconia's beers on tap. Closest thing I can think of to what you're looking for.