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Jan 15, 2011 06:57 PM

Peruvian chicken

Hi! I have been in San Diego about a year, moved here from Maryland. We had some amazing Peruvian Chicken take out places. It is a rotisserie-style chicken served with a green spicy cilantro or mayo type sauce. Seriously the most amazing chicken I have had. Is there anything similar here in San DIego? Thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. oof, that's a tough one. you'd have much better luck up here in LA!

    try Nazca Grill...

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      agree on Nazca, maybe Latin Chef in PB as well.

      Latin Chef
      1142 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

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        I've been to nazca, it was ok, nothing great, service was really slow though, maybe a latin thing? But yeah, best peruvian chicken I've had is up in l.a. at el pollo inca.

      2. The best Peruvian-style chicken I've had around here was served at December Nights (2009) by the House of Peru. I think it was a riff on the Peruvian dish arroz con pato; I recall it having green (cilantro-laden) rice and deliciously spiced grilled chicken thigh on top.

        1. Thanks! I will try Nazca and see how it compares and report back. Will definately try LA when I get up there!

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            The Peruvian Chicken at Nazca grill is pretty good, flavorful and juicy. Not sure how it compares to other Peruvian places since I've never had it anywhere else, but overall I would say it was good chicken. As far as their other dishes though they weren't that great, I'd stick to just the chicken if I went there again.

          2. Laughing . . . I also just moved from MD to San Diego, Googled for Peruvian chicken and got this thread. I had no idea it was a local thing. I miss you already, Chicken Rico!!

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              Seriously, that stuff is awesome. Still haven't found a replacement for Super Chicken in Maryland.

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                There is Panca Peruvian Rotisserie
                In Oceanside. Good chicken though like said you will find a lot more selection of places in LA or Norwalk

                Chowhound thread here

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                  You wanna know the only thing worse than driving 45 minutes each way to Oceanside to buy a portable air conditioner that turns out to be broken? Getting dinner at the world's worst In N Out and then coming home and seeing this post!!! AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

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                    Maybe you can check it out when you return the air conditioner? :)

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                      It was an as-is Craigslist thing, unfortunately :-(

            2. This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but Urban Chicken in Golden Hill has the rotisserie chicken/dipping sauce/beans and rice menu. It is really good, and they source locally at that. Worth checking out. Also, there is a deal here today:

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                I've been meaning to stop by there. I will get there in the next week or so and report back! Thanks Loghia.