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Jan 15, 2011 06:01 PM

2 nights in amboise for honeymoon

wanted to get some specific ideas for amboise, will be here two nights

saying here so walking distance would be nice

34, Quai Charles Guinot, 37400 Amboise, France
Hotel Le Manoir les Minimes

The first night looking for a nicer place, the second evening we will be wine tasting all day so probably more "fun/upbeat" atmosphere or more wine something along those lines


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  1. Have only been to Amboise once and none of the food we had was really outstanding. We ate at the simple Anne de Bretagne and it was good for what we needed. We also ate at L'Alliance which was dressy and better, but still nothing sticks out as being OMG.

    If you like sweets, be sure to go to Bigot Patissiere - great chocolates and salt caramels.

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    1. re: DaTulip

      Just curious. Why Amboise for a honeymoon?

      1. re: allende

        To go on wine tours and see the castles/chateau's, only for a couple days ...should be fun! Also there is some HUGE castle right by where we are staying we can walk over to - and after a week and a half in Londaon/Paris it will be a nice change of pace to be in the countryside

        1. re: Dapuma

          It is a beautiful area! Of all the wine places we toured in this area last year, I'd recommend these two in/near Vouvray:
          Domaine Vigneau-Chevreau - very nice folks & wine is good
          Domaine Huet - excellent wine in a modern tasting room

          My favorite Chateau wass Chenonceau.

          1. re: DaTulip

            we are going to Chenoceau for sure - thanks for the suggestions on the wineries hadnt even thought about which ones to go to yet

    2. Has anyone been to any of these places in Amboise:

      Le Pavillon de Lys

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        We were in Amboise last July and your planned itinerary mirrors ours to a T. We stayed at Les Minimes and loved it. Stylish but not stuffy. Our windows looked out on the courtyard, chateau and river. The breakfasts in the hotel were quite good. We also ate at both Epicerie and the Le Pavillon de Lys. It was summer so both meals were outside. The food was very good - not exactly memorable in an OMG kind of way - but very very good and I would certainly recommend both. If you are in Amboise on Sunday the market is quite something and worth a stroll through. Great selection of local produce, wine, cheese, etc. We also went to Chenonceau and while lovely it was quite crowded on a Sunday. We also managed to hit a mushroom festival along the way in one of the small towns and missed the black sausage festival by a week - so check the local listings for similar fetes. Quite fun and great stories to tell. I think you will enjoy Amboise. We're going back this summer for two days as well and looking forward to staying at Les Minimes. I'll post a couple pics from another computer. So share your finds and recommendations. And congrats on your marriage. Have a wonderful time.

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          We too enjoyed Le Pavillon des Lys, -- dining inside a few years ago. And a slightly outside town, we enjoyed Auberge de Launay,

          1. re: dave11743

            thanks for the info, sounds like those will be the two nights of dining for us then

            little festival in a small town sounds cool, we have a driver for our tour day so that is easy to fit in if the timing works out

          2. re: Dapuma

            I was in Amboise this past September and stayed at Le Pavillon. I loved the hotel, parking was convenient, and both breakfast and dinner were outstanding. It's very nice to be within walking distance of the things to see in town.

          3. LÉpicerie is a wonderful restaurant just in the shadow of the Chateau. Don't miss.

            Also, while in town, don't miss Clos Lucé, Leonardo Da Vinci's last home, a very interesting venue, a lot of mock ups of his inventions (he was hundreds of years ahead of his time). He carried with him to France 3 of his paintings, one of which was the Mona Lisa, and that's the reason it is today in the Louvre in Paris...

            1. Due east up the river some 25km is a winemakers' hangout, a wine bar in an old country inn. Chef is Cécile Argondico; her boyfriend is rising star winemaker Thierry Puzelat. This place is on our short list for next time we're in the area.

              L'Herbe Rouge, Le Bourg, Valaire.

              1. Ok now that I am closer to the trip I am trying to figure out what wineries to go to

                Does anyone have any experience with this winery? I guess this is one of the places that they are recommending we stop at for wine:

                LA HERPINIERE

                The white wine of Azay le Rideau, dry or medium dry, is made from

                100% Pineau de Loire. The resultant wine is very fruity and zingy

                Visit a cellar and wine tasting

                Looks like we are visiting Cheanonceau / Azay le Rideau / Villandry & then going to la herpiniere winery

                however i can make some changes to that

                Is there any place or two that is a not miss for lunch in Azay le Rideau?

                Also is there any "not to miss" winery while we are there?

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                1. re: Dapuma

                  The best wineries in that area are IMO the Vouvray ones about 8KM from Amboise. There is a coop store or 2 right in the center of Vouvray, but the real treats lie in the little signs directing you to the small artisan wine producers.

                  I found one last Sept, Domaine Huet, in the countryside outside of Vouvray. Many other small producers have the caves open. Just ring the bell. They will provide tastings. Vouvray is a lovely white off-dry Touraine wine.

                  1. re: menton1

                    i dont know enough about wine to know the differences - i know we like chablis and the we like the feudi di san gregorio white wines (italy)

                    not sure if that means la herpiniere or vouray is a better fit for that tasting - i believe we only have time to stop at one winery during the day unless we take out seeing one of the chateau's - which i probably dont want to do

                    i have read up on domaine huet, that seems to be a well respected winery - the herpiniere seems interesting because it is all organic, but that doesnt mean they make the best wine or have the best tours, just not much info on them - anyone ever been to their winery that could compare / contrast domaine huet?

                    1. re: Dapuma

                      Knowledge of wine is not necessary. Just taste the stuff and if you like it, get a bottle! No need for scientific analysis.
                      Vouvray is a lovely off dry wine with lots of fruitiness. Stop at the coop in the center of town and do some tasting!

                  2. re: Dapuma

                    Yes. Domaine Huet. I would not visit the area and NOT go there. Legendary, delicious Vouvrays. bring some bubble wrap and zip lock freezer bags (2 gal size) to bring some home in your suitcase!

                    1. re: ChefJune

                      ok i just mapquested the chateaus they want to show us

                      domaine huet is north and west of chateaneau (which is a must see for us) and then from Azay le Rideau / Villandry it is north and east, and the LA HERPINIERE
                      is right in between azay le rideau and villandry

                      So basically to fit in domaine huet would have to restructre some of the chateau's or skip one of them, seems like an hour drive from either of the 3 chateaus they have listed - not sure an hour in the car each way is worth that winery (or any winery) is it?

                      if anyone else mapquests it you can see the dilema

                      1. re: Dapuma

                        <not sure an hour in the car each way is worth that winery (or any winery) is it?>

                        It would be to me

                        1. re: ChefJune

                          hmm maybe it is actually ok - i just added the hotel to the map (not sure why i didnt do that before but i didnt) it is equally north domaine huet and not quite as far east as CHENONCEAU - so it could work, somehow