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Jan 15, 2011 05:40 PM


I realize I could go through the archives, which I already did, but lemme explain:

My mother is arriving in Vancouver on the 18th, and she wants to try dimsum in Vancouver. Now, most of the dimsum restaurants I have been to close up around 2 or 3PM. She'll be arriving at the airport at 12, checking into a hotel at 2. So... yeah, one can see an issue there.

Can anyone recommend a decent eats along the LRT lines or in the downtown area? Thanks!

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  1. Will the two of you travel to/from dim sum only via the Canada Line, or will a car be available ?

    Either way, I think Richmond along 3 Road is your best bet ...... high concentration of dim sum restaurants (or just ...... restaurants) and they're generally fairly close to each of the CL stations. That way if one is closed or don't suit your preference, there are others to choose from.

    Sorry for not providing specific recommendations, I have no idea what the dim sum end hours are in any restaurant.

    1. Dim Sum usually ends at 2pm or 3pm. If you have a car that day then I say call the hotel to secure a late check-in. Head into Richmond straight from the airport and have dim sum somewhere.

      If you don't have a car and thus need to check in at 2 then dim sum is pretty much a no-go. You can have Shanghai "dim sum" at a few places. (thus no hargao, suimai, or the other Cantonese classics etc.)

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        If you dont have a car, u can take the Canada Line from the airport to the Aberdeen LRTstation. You have 2 to 3 good dimsum places along that station. Namely, Sea Harbour , Rainflower and Fisherman's Terrace. After your dimsum, you can take the Canada Line again to your downtown hotel. The only downside is that you may have to carry your luggage in the restaurant.

        Aberdeen Centre
        4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X4J7, CA

        1. re: CrispyLechon

          I was thinking that too Crispy, but then I considered how carrying a bunch of luggage into a restaurant might not be too pleasant an experience.

        2. re: fmed

          Ah, thanks. I figured as much since every dimsum places I've been too close up at around 2PM.

          She's checking in first at 2 since she's dealing with a bunch of kids between the airport and the hotel since she's babysitting for a couple who are going to a resort in Mexico; then she will be leaving for California at 4 in the morning. She always heard good things about Chinese food in Vancouver and Richmond, so she was hoping she could try some dimsum during the layover. But she never had authentic Chinese before. And no, she's not bringing kids-- her job doesn't start until they arrive in Mexico.

          If dimsum is a no-go, any recommendation? As of late, I spend more time cooking than eating out, so I wouldn't know where to go. She's not shy about offals since she's a Mennonite, but spicy food or shellfish is something she's not used to.

          1. re: souggy

            Peaceful Restaurant - close to the Canada Line on Cambie and Broadway would be my choice. It is a "Mandarin" (Northern - not Cantonese) Chinese restaurant with a pretty deep menu. Make sure to try the beef rolls.

            1. re: fmed

              Peaceful is a good call -- she can try some dim sum like items (buns and dumplings) or the beef roll as fmed suggests. Though lately I've been enjoying their potato roll more :-). Also like the chive boxes here a lot though they are large. And the lamb based dishes are pretty good especially that one soup whose name is escaping me...

              1. re: grayelf

                Thanks, fmed and grayelf. I will blog about it soon. :)

                1. re: grayelf

                  Xi'an white lamb stew perhaps? Uses flatbread instead of noodles and is one of my favorite wintery dishes in the city.

                  1. re: peter.v

                    Yes that is it! They used to do a good version of it at Legendary on Main as well though I haven't had it in a couple years.

              2. re: souggy

                Hi Souggy,

                Another option for traditional Cantonese-style dim sum on the Canada Line and towards your mom's downtown hotel is Fortune Restaurant at Oakridge Mall. The advantage of this location is that even with some luggage in tow, from the station exit to the restaurant is but a stone's throw. They are pricier than average, but it's only the two of you, right ? Fortune has gotten some negative reviews of late (good cheap dim sum in Vancouver is competitive, so it could be a price thing). But they've been there a long time and does have a certain status and reputation outside the blogosphere:


                Kitty corner on the NE corner of Cambie/41st is Spicy Court Chinese Restaurant, which also serves dim sum, but requires crossing two legs of intersection after coming out of the station exit:


                Again I've no idea about neither place's dim sum end time.

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  FYI re:exiting Canada Line Skytrain @ Oakridge with luggage in tow is something of a PITA.

                  Upon disembarking the train you must then take an elevator 'down' one level then another elevator 'up' two levels to the street.

                  Not so bad if luggage can be carried on the escalator but if it's being rolled be prepared for a slog.