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This is why you never deep-fry gnocchi!

Have you ever been curious about deep- frying gnocchi? Well, you may want to re-think that notion - http://wimp.com/preparegnocchi/

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    1. That was hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Just put 'em in a jiffy-pop pan.

        1. Geeze, you could have put somebody's eye out! Who knew gnocchi was more dangerous than champagne.

          1. Crickey, more proof bipedalism and opposable thumbs aren't indices of intelligence.

            1. darn spam filters @ work. I'll have to check this at home. :)

              1. ROTFLMAO! Wait until the CIA gets ahold of this new weapon for their arsenal. Killer gnocchi strike again.

                1. That is so funny. The guy's laughter is the best part.

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                    He totally cracks me up! Priceless.

                        1. re: chowser

                          The guy's laughter is the best part.
                          agreed. it's infectious - i was gasping!