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Jan 15, 2011 05:12 PM

Running out of ideas..65 ppl, 60th bday party, looking for indoor roofdeck or room w/ view

any help would be great- I am planning a 60th bday party for my mom (who is cool and hip). The ideal place would be a private room, with a killer view. I am thinking pass apps all night, open bar, dj, very cocktail party vibe.. I have a pretty open budget (within reason of course)
I am open for rooftop or private room. I have called a bunch of places and either they dont have the room I want (the park) or they wont give me the whole space (rare cheslea). I am currently tossing around Harbour lights in the seaport, but I dont love it, bc it is so resturanty, and the seaport is such a trek.
I also looked at Ravel in LIc. Killer views, and nice room, but it is in the middle of nowhere.
anyone have a thoughts? does the Empire or Ink48 have private rooms with a view?
I am going to call the RItz, but that might way too pricey...
any thoughts would be great... thanks!

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  1. the party is in March, if that helps..

    1. Look into:

      The Modern

      All have private dining rooms with great views, and can accommodate parties of 65 or more.

      450 E 29th St, New York, NY 10016

      1. Top of the beekman hotel tower
        not sure of the pricing/capacity or if the city skyline is what you are after
        we have had a few xmas parties there-very nice atmosphere and I thought the view was nice, not sure if its killer, but nice

        1. INK48 has a rooftop bar/lounge called PRESS . The lounge is enclosed but it opens out onto a large terrace that has wonderful views looking west, north, & east. Probably too cold in March to take much advantage of that, but your guests would certainly want to venture outside to look around. The lounge might be the right size for your party , although I really don't remember too much about its size. I think the food would come from their ground floor restaurant PRINT.

          1. I came to suggest exactly what boredough did: the spaces (and the views) at Ink48 are really nice. March will probably be a bit chilly to be outside, but the place as a whole is definitely hip.
            The same cannot be said of the Beekman: that rooftop bar/resto will make your mom and you both feel 80 years old.
            If you like Turtle Bay, though, and have any German connections, you might also think about the restaurant atop the German Consulate -49th & First Ave.- which has great views and food, but one of the toughest doors in town.

            EDIT: Too bad Guastavino's is gone -that would have fit the bill nicely, and their private rooms were fine.