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Jan 15, 2011 04:55 PM

Pimento Cheese - what kind of peppers

What kind of peppers are used in making pimento cheese ? Are they regular jarred roasted peppers or pickled of some kind ?

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  1. Use regular jarred red peppers. Here's a link to a recipe I like. It's from Virginia Willis who wrote Bon Appetit Y'All:

    Scroll down to the last recipe.

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      1. You can also roast your own red peppers. I make a Spanish version....using piquillo peppers and add some manchego cheese.

        1. I hate to say the obvious, but you use pimentos. Roasted peppers are a fancified version and would confuse anyone used to regular pimento cheese.

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            I'm cooking for myself, and I really enjoy making traditional recipes with very high quality ingredients. Not for everyone, I know,but lots of fun and good eating for me.

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              billyjack has it correct. You would traditionally use pimentos. I do roast my own red peppers or occasionally use piquillos. It is a fancified version, but tastes brighter.

            2. I agree that the small jarred pimentos are the right ones to use for the old-fashioned pimento cheese, but if you have sweet (not hot) red roasted bell pepper, chop it very finely and use it. That said, I wouldn't be above experimenting with almost any kind of red pepper, if that's your cup of tea.