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Pimento Cheese - what kind of peppers

What kind of peppers are used in making pimento cheese ? Are they regular jarred roasted peppers or pickled of some kind ?

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  1. Use regular jarred red peppers. Here's a link to a recipe I like. It's from Virginia Willis who wrote Bon Appetit Y'All:


    Scroll down to the last recipe.

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    1. You can also roast your own red peppers. I make a Spanish version....using piquillo peppers and add some manchego cheese.

      1. I hate to say the obvious, but you use pimentos. Roasted peppers are a fancified version and would confuse anyone used to regular pimento cheese.

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          I'm cooking for myself, and I really enjoy making traditional recipes with very high quality ingredients. Not for everyone, I know,but lots of fun and good eating for me.

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            billyjack has it correct. You would traditionally use pimentos. I do roast my own red peppers or occasionally use piquillos. It is a fancified version, but tastes brighter.

          2. I agree that the small jarred pimentos are the right ones to use for the old-fashioned pimento cheese, but if you have sweet (not hot) red roasted bell pepper, chop it very finely and use it. That said, I wouldn't be above experimenting with almost any kind of red pepper, if that's your cup of tea.

            1. Pimentos in the jar are made from the super-sweet cherry pepper. I recommend Mario® brand, the same people who make Mario® olive oil and olives. Best on the market; deep red flesh and juice, very tender and grown in Spain. Some people do go to the trouble to roast various type of red peppers, which is fine, but the chances they can get authentic super-sweet cherry peppers is highly unlikely. And I wouldn't deal with all that anyway.

              1. I've always used jarred diced pimentos, but last time I made it, I didn't have any, so I subbed roasted red peppers.
                The taste was great, and the chopped red peppers held together better than the pimentos when I stirred it all up.

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                  The quality of pimentos varies by manufacturer and the brand is critical. I forgot to mention that the super-sweet cherry pepper is also harvested for paprika.

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                    I've grown cherry peppers ,both sweet and hot. I've also grown a pimento pepper and a pepper that is used to make paprika. They were all different peppers.The pimentos were larger than the cherry peppers. I don't know whether these peppers are used commercially but I do know they are very distinct and different peppers. I make pimento cheese and I would not want a red bell pepper in it myself.

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                      I can only speak for the manufacturers I've interviewed.

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                        I know it could be considered rude and intrusive, but do you have a job that requires you to interview manufacturers of peppers? It's interesting to me. Sorry if I've offended you by asking. Your reply caught my eye and made me wonder.It sounds like an interesting job.

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                      I don't recall the brand I find here. What brands do you like? I will look for those.