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Jan 15, 2011 04:05 PM

Need Suggestions for NYC inexpensive restaurant in theater district 46th between 8th & Broadway

Help please. In February, I'm going to see my first play in years, the Addams Family, at Lunt-Fontaine theater on a Thursday evening. Show starts at 8. Am not familiar with NY and also can't walk too far, so would really appreciate dinner suggestions. Theater is on 46th between Broadway & 8th. Going with my sister, and she is allergic and picky - she can't eat pork or shellfish, and she doesn't like when cheese is placed on meat, such as in chicken parm. Oh, and did I say inexpensive! I know it's asking alot, however, we'd like to stay around $20 per person if it's possible, if not, then a little more.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. Trattoria Trecolori might work, although you'd have to order carefully to stay within your budget. $20/pp is tough in that neighborhood - is your sister open to Asian food? I like Pam Real Thai. Definitely no cheese-on-meat there, and it's cheapish.

    1. there's also Cara Mia, a quaint little trattoria just a couple of blocks away on Ninth Avenue (between 45th & 46th). the food is good, the menu is varied, it's not overly expensive, and you might even be able to get away with their prix-fixe menu for pre- or post-theater dining - it's close to your budget and looks like there will be a few choices for your sister.

      hope it's a lovely evening!

      Cara Mia
      654 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10036

      1. You could also hit up the Shake Shack on 8th Ave and 44th.

        1. Wow, you guys are terrific! I'll be seeing my sister this afternoon at my dad's birthday celebration, so we'll discuss and look at the web sites. Yes, my sister does like Asian food, although no shrimp, scallops, lobster, or pork. But she likes chicken and beef, so the Thai restaurant is also a possibility. Thanks again.

          1. Last Thursday night my sister & I went to NY to see Adams Family, but first we ate dinner. We finally decided on Rosie O'Grady's Pub. It was raining and that was very close to the theater. I have to say that the pub menu offered several interesting possibilities, and we both had 12oz burgers. My barbecue cheeseburger was fantastic, and my sister had a plain burger. Burgers were cooked exactly as we ordered them. We shared a jumbo order of onion rings. The steak fries were crispy too. We managed to stay within our $20 pp budget and felt like we had a nice meal for a steal in Times Square! Oh, the manager was very nice too. I am very short, and the stools and tables in the pub are very high, so I asked for something lower, and he let us sit at the first table inside the dining room, closest to the bar. We had nice linen table cloth and napkins, and crystal water glasses, and got to order from the pub menu. That was extremely nice of him. We will be going back whenever we get to broadway! Thank you to everyone for your suggestions, which we plan on using in the future as well.

            Rosie O'Grady's
            800 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10019