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Jan 15, 2011 04:04 PM

Recomendations at Virgil's BBQ

In addition to any general suggestions I would like any opinions, pro and con on the following- ribs, chicken, pork, lamb, brisket, ham, Texas link, trash ribs.

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  1. apparently the catfish sandwich is spectacular. ask blumie

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    1. re: El Tigre

      melbedewy, lest you don't know, that was a joke. Blumie hated it.

      1. re: El Tigre

        Very funny! My recommendation: go elsewhere! RUB is a good choice.

      2. I love the BBQ shrimp appetizer.

        1. My main rec would be to go to Daisy May's, which isn't that far away. Virgils is fine, but Daisy May's is awesome.

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          1. re: MRich

            what is, in your words, awesome at daisy may's? i experienced a stadium-food quality pork sandwich and decent, albeit quite dry ribs and completely unmemorable sides when i went about a month ago.

            we actually returned the brisket we ordered because it came in a plastic pint container swimming in sauce (we actually thought they had accidentally included a side of chili or something in our order and, when we expressed our dissatisfaction they offered the refund and said they couldnt make us an order of brisket not doused in sauce).

            1. re: tex.s.toast

              I have not been to Daisy May's in over a year, but I used to order delivery from there regularly when I worked in their delivery area. I went to the restaurant a few times and once went for the after hours half-suckling-pig.

              I found everything I ate from there to be excellent, and I tried most of the menu. I liked the pork ribs more than the beef rib. I remember liking the pulled pork a lot too. The baked beans were amazing and I remember loving the mac & cheese too.

          2. You'll find no love for Virgil's on these boards, bed-hed; just look at the related discussions section.

            1. Avoid the hush puppies like the plague