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Jan 15, 2011 03:00 PM

Shopping on Argyle

We're thinking of heading out Monday for an early dinner after some grocery shopping. I'm not really looking for anything too hard to get, I don't think--tree ear fungus, yuzu, kimchi, whatever.
Would you folks please recommend the best food shopping places around Argyle @ Broadway?
We're mostly looking for things to stack the larder and inspire us.


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  1. As you stand on Broadway across the street from the big Uptown Post Office, with your back to the street, facing the strip mall, at your extreme left back in the corner there is an Asian supermarket that is loaded with inspiration. Then walk north on Broadway, turn right on Argyle, continue on along Argyle to Sheridan, and turn right on Sheridan---following this route you will pass four or five other interesting food shopping venues. A good place for lunch is Thai Pastry (on Broadway (go to Chicago Restaurant Menus to see its menu).

    Thai Pastry Restaurant
    4925 N Broadway St Ste E, Chicago, IL 60640

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      Also just to the north of that strip mall, same side, there is a smaller, sideways mall (jewelry on the corner? you'll see what I mean) with another asian market that's pretty big too. Probably both carry the same goods.

      Yeah, good route Q gives you. Just stick your head into some of the shops. Fun, quick day trip.

      Stop at Tank or any of the other spots and get some pho while you're there..