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Jan 15, 2011 02:44 PM

Ideas for Horseradish Dip and Jalapeno Dip

Ive got some open Horseradish Dip and Jalapeno dip and needs some more ideas of how to use it up.

With the horseradish dip I've made a sauce for beef tenderloin, glazed a pork tenderloin with it, used it on Beef Dip sandwiches.

With the jalapeno dip I've glazed hamburgers, used it in mashed potatoes, put it on breakfast sandwiches, mixed it into scrambled eggs, made mac n cheese with it, put it on grilled and cold ham sandwiches.

I'm at a loss but don't want it to go bad its super yummy

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  1. Maybe you could freeze it into cubes and use it at another time.

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      Hmm thats an excellent idea- sounds easy I think I'll do that with at leas some of it.

    2. the horseradish goes brilliantly with grilled fresh mackerel, and also - less classically but still delicious - with melted cheese on toast. You can also mix it with mayo or creme fraiche and use it to make a really tasty potato salad, with some spring onions and tuna stirred in. One last idea is to cut the tops off some tomatoes and scoop out the insides, then fill with horseradish and mayo - use to accompany steak or chops. I use a lot of horseradish in my house! but can't help with the jalapenos I'm afraid.

      1. Thta's funny because I immediately thought to add the horseradish dip into mashed potatoes. Twice baked potatoes are another option. what anout making some quiches or fritatas with either dip, and freezing the entire thing. Would you be able to incorporate the horseradish into a potato soup or chowder? Could the jalapeno dip be added to a tortilla soup or chili of some sort? Is it a cream type dip? could you add it to enchiladas or onto another mexican casserole? Have you ever made a polenta lasagna? Would it at all work to modify these to a salad dressing of some sort? Could you riff off a guacamole recipe by adding the jalapeno dip to some avocados? Could you incorporate either into a quick-bread recipe for some savory biscuits? Maybe use as a base for a flavored hummus? Good luck