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Southie by Wood Tavern [Oakland]

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According to Eater SF, Southie, the new casual take-out place from the Wood Tavern people is opening next Friday. I walked by today and saw that a menu has been posted (attached to this post):

--Cheese selection
--Crostini selection
--Wicked Simple Mixed Greens $5
--Chopped Romaine $7
--Winter Squash Ginger Soup $5
--Niman Ranch Pork Stew $7
--Pulled Piggie Sandwich $9
--Fat Piggie Sandwich $9
--Dungeness crab roll $15
--Meatball sandwich $9
--Winter veggie press $8
--Southie sundae $8
--Ice cream sandwich $4
--Sarah's cookies $2/ea

Southie is immediately adjacent to Wood Tavern.

Wood Tavern
6317 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

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  1. Does anyone know if Southie has opened yet? Menu looks great, and the sandwiches at Wood Tavern at lunch are fantastic, so I expect good things.

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    1. re: JasmineG

      Looks like they're going to open this friday if all the inspections go well.
      They did a free sandwich promotion this past saturday and are looking to do another one this thursday. They gave away sausage peppers and onions sandwiches along with the pulled piggie from their opening menu. Everything tasted amazing! Looks like this place is going to be really popular!

      1. re: hellatacos

        wow, free sandwich promotion? sorry to have missed that! do you when it will be on thursday?

        1. re: betterbeheaven

          not sure on the time, they started around 12 - 12:30 on saturday for the first one. there were a lot of people there and it looked like they ran out of food pretty fast.

          1. re: hellatacos

            i talked to someone @ wood tavern earlier today--southie might/might not open this weekend--and they might/might not do another promo on thurs (but if they do one, they'd do it later than 12-12:30--more like after 1).

            1. re: sundeck sue

              thanks for the info, however ambiguous.

              i'll be the guy with a ponytail making a scene on Thursday demanding free samples! :)

              1. re: drewskiSF

                "i'll be the guy with a ponytail making a scene on Thursday demanding free samples!"
                On the Berkeley/Oakland border a little more distinguishing identification may be needed, perhaps a hat or umbrella.

                1. re: wolfe

                  you're right. beret & pink parasol ;-)

                  1. re: drewskiSF

                    still only getting a tad closer to standing from the crowd...

                    1. re: escargot3

                      you guys are a tough crowd

                      1. re: drewskiSF

                        Swung by today. Peered in window--looks nice--marble on the bar--people busy doing construction-type activities. Stuck my head in @ Wood Tavern--the hostess said they're having "building" issues--no food today, no opening this weekend--unclear when all will resolve.

                        1. re: sundeck sue

                          I talked to the manager and he said that they passed inspection and should be doing a promotion on Saturday and looking to open early next week...

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      2. Opening today per Inside Scoop:

        "It opens Tuesday and will serve continuously from 11am to 9pm daily, though Sundays run from 11am to 4pm (Wood Tavern is open Sunday nights). Eventually, the plan is to open at 9am every day."


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        1. re: betterbeheaven

          awesome! gonna try and stop by tomorrow.

          1. re: drewskiSF

            Do try to behave yourself in a decorous manner and lose the beret and parasol. ;-)

            1. re: wolfe

              just found i need to be in the City for a noon meeting so the beret will have to wait ;-)

              1. re: wolfe

                ahahaha good one wolfe.

          2. I shared two takeout sandwiches from Southie today, the crab sandwich and the pulled pork. I loved the crab sandwich: it's full of crab, so much so that it didn't fit inside the roll, and I ate about a quarter or more of the filling on the side. It's almost all crab, with some celery and I think a touch of mayo, on what seems to be to be a brioche hot dog buns (toasted) and some of their housemade pickles. Really great sandwich, even though it was a little soggy after traveling. The pulled pork (I think the regular pulled piggie) was good too, and very substantial -- they don't skimp on the meat at all. Pickles, their good coleslaw, and a lot of pulled pork. The pork was a little dry in bits, but not all of it and the flavor was great.

            Really good sandwiches, I'd compare them to The Sentinel in character and taste. I'm excited to try the other offerings.

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            1. re: JasmineG

              i tried some Pulled Piggie and SPO (Sausage, Peppers, Onions) today. both $9. the crab roll is $18 compared to the $15 listed in the original post. the meatball sando is also a bit higher @ $10.

              the pulled pork came on an Acme burger bun, and as Jasmine says, they don't skimp on the meat. the pickles added a nice crunch and flavor, but the cole slaw didn't do much for me. it looked like there were bits of jalepeno in it, but the flavor was overshadowed by the housemade pickles and delicous, tender pork. still, overall quite delicious.

              the P & O of the SPO were super mushy. the sausage was nice and the La Farine baguette stood up to the moisture of the fillings, but the really overcooked (for me) peppers and onions were a big miss on this sandwich.

              wolfe, i was the only one with a ponytail, beret and parasol. it seemed mostly to be moms with strollers and seniors walking in the neighborhood today ;-)

              La Farine
              6323 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

              1. re: drewskiSF

                Please don't scare the children.

                1. re: wolfe

                  don't worry. they just pointed and laughed.

              2. re: JasmineG

                We went for a quick dinner tonight and really enjoyed it--ordered a meatball sandwich and the crab roll. The meatball one was hearty and comforting without being overly heavy--wasn't oversauced either, so the bread held up. Crab roll was fresh and delicious, but the crab portion definitely wasn't as generous as described above--not skimpy, exactly, but I'd say it was probably half crab and half vegetable, and not "overflowing" per se. (But we got one of the last two portions of the day, and I wonder if they skimped out on us to stretch out the little bit of crab they had left.)

                We also had the carrot cake "whoopie pie" ($4) for dessert, which was actually an ice cream sandwich (carrot cake "cookies" and cream cheese flavored ice cream). Wasn't super memorable, but it was a nice small sweet thing to finish up the meal.

                No trouble getting a seat at a little before 6:00; the place was probably less than half full the whole time we were there. Doesn't seem like they've widely publicized the opening. Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves and will be back to check out the pulled pork, etc.

              3. First time eating there. Attentive servers. A serious buzz. Love that marble counter. The lentil beef soup was great. My husband's piggy sandwich was quite good, tender, moist meat, nicely sauced (maybe could be punched up a little), good roll (though edging to soggy). I couldn't decide what I thought about the crab. The $18 price tag was both reasonable and a lot to pay for a sandwich. Reasonable in that it was brimming w/ crab, as previous posters have noted. But I found the seasoning plus/minus--a bit too much celery, a bit too much citrus--tricky w/ crab, which has such a subtle flavor--I got a little bored with it, mid-way--somehow didn't keep my interest. The house salad was fine. I always reach for Cape Cod chips w/ great anticipation, but they aren't, in fact, the best in the world--yet and still, a nice MA touch (there should be more of Beantown!--those of us from New England want someplace named Southie to help w/ our chronic homesickness--not enough to use "wicked" as a positive adjective!). So my over-all view: the soup was as delicious as Wood Tavern's--and everything else was good, but isn't quite there yet. It's our new local, and we'll definitely be back.

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                1. re: sundeck sue

                  I really enjoyed the Pulled Piggie sandwich. I thought the moist pork, pickles, cole slaw, aioli, and bun. Don't expect a smoked (actually bbq'ed) pork, or 'bbq' sauce sandwich (which I despise). The pork was really delicious and moist, with plenty of pork flavor--it was like there was a rich, gelatinized pork stock surrounding the pulled pork. And it didn't have the mealy texture that pork that is actually cooked in water usually does. The setup is very convenient for a quick lunch.

                  1. re: ...tm...

                    When I queried Morgan, he said the meat is marinated in some orange juice + beer, among other spicing. Really nice flavor.

                    1. re: ...tm...

                      i just went back for my traditional Yom Kippur pulled pork lunch...

                      It may not be completely traditional, but it sure is incredible. Pork was cooked to perfection - moist and plenty of it piled with cole slaw (not sweet, thank you) and an amazing lemon aioli. I tried not to finish the bread, but it's too delicious. I'd prefer more kick to the spicing, but that was easily addressed with the lovely bottle of hot sauce on the counter.

                      As ...tm.. noted -
                      Easy for me (1 person) to walk in at 12:30, get a great seat for people watching at the window, eat quick and run on to my next stop.

                  2. Stopped in today b/c I was in the neighborhood picking up a cake at La Farine. I can't say enough about how pleasant, friendly and accommodating everyone on staff was at Southie. THIS is the kind of treatment that makes me want to return to a restaurant and support their business. They could teach the rest of the Bay Area a few lessons. Got the piggie sandwich to go and it was delicious. That said, I could only eat half of it and put the other half away for dinner. It is SO rich and fat-laden. This isn't a condemnation b/c I loved it. Just think I'll share it with someone next time. The chips were a refreshing break from the fat in the sandwich!
                    Southie's menu changes daily and they don't have their website up yet so going there will entail surprises for awhile. Looks like the pork is a constant, however.

                    La Farine
                    6323 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

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                    1. re: lacerise

                      they were quite generous with the meat. i found it to be rich, but not that fatty. i wonder if your pork was pulled from the heat too soon so not as much fat melted out. i've seen this at a few Hawaiian BBQ joints with their Kahlua pork being on the fatty side.

                      i'm hoping they keep the porchetta, that i saw mentioned from opening day, in the rotation!

                    2. I dropped in midafternoon last week to check it out - I'm a big fan of Wood Tavern (the whole vibe reminds me of one of my old favorites from when I lived in NYC - Union Square Cafe - regardless of whether or not you thought a given dish was the BEST EVER, the whole welcoming/friendly atmosphere kept you coming back), so I was curious what Wood Tavern Jr. would be like. Got the meatball sub (I forgot to make the suggestion that they call it a "grindah", to go along with the whole Beantown theme), which I found to be pretty good, not great - was a teeny bit dry, which may have had to do with the off-hour time (3ish) that I dropped in, perhaps. Given the bank of goodwill Wood Tavern's built up in my mind, I'm more than willing to give this place another shot.

                      1. Visited yesterday during the Presidents Day holiday for lunch, it was quiet when I got there at 11:30 a.m. and became somewhat filled when I left. But it wasn't packed and didn't have a line to get in.

                        I was kind of surprised that it's pretty much a restaurant where you sit down and order. I was imagining in my head something like Blue Barn Gourmet in the Marina where you order fancy sandwiches and then sit down with your number and wait. But at Southie it's full on restaurant with servers taking your orders. It's still much more casual vibe than Wood Tavern.

                        And news watch: Southie had corned beef on the menu!!! So that's what I ordered (I would have ordered the pulled pork, but I made pork sugo and was eating that all weekend so skipped the pork, but have to come back to try later). The corned beef was great, not really salty but moist and tender, really a lot of meat for the bun. And it was served with emmenthaler cheese and dijon mustard. Also some cabbage that I thought was pickled but menu just says it was braised in bacon. I guess it must have been the dijon giving it the kick, but I also detected some hints of horseradish so I think there must have been a smear. Either way, everything was nicely pulled together and a very enjoyable corned beef sandwich.

                        I would have liked to try some of the salads or the potato salad side, but I didn't want to feel weighed down and they don't really have a half-sandwich-half-salad option. Still, I had room to try the ice cream sandwich, which is vanilla ice cream between a chocolate chip cookie. Overall it was just ok, I wasn't blown away. Something about the dull cookie (I guess they have to make it that texture to make it easy to bite into it) and the oddly dense ice cream that didn't make me a fan. Cute idea, but not as good as the sandwiches.

                        Anywho, Southie has a really nice vibe and friendly service. It's not the best place for families even though a few came in with their kids. I say that mostly because the seating is designed for two people all around. And unless you can grab the counter and all sit next to each other, it's really designed for couples.

                        What's interesting is I walked by Wood Tavern next door and it was packed for lunch. My two cents is Southie should be more an eat and run kind of place, but it's really just a restaurant serving only sandwiches on the menu. I think that's why people think if they're going to sit down and order, might as well go to Wood Tavern. Still, with that said, Southie is a nice alternative when you don't want to wait for a seat at Wood Tavern, and it's a good option if you want to take sandwiches home, although only if you live nearby so you can dive into right away.

                        Pictures: http://singleguychef.blogspot.com/201...

                        Wood Tavern
                        6317 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

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                        1. re: singleguychef

                          We went by at I think around 1:15 and Southie was packed, lots of people waiting. Went next door to Wood Tavern where the only party waiting was about the get seated, we got seats at the counter in just a few minutes.

                          Wood Tavern
                          6317 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

                        2. The beet, fennel and goat cheese sandwich (on La Farine baguette) is SO GOOD.

                          Had it for dinner last Thursday. When I was passing by today, even though other options on the menu looked good, I got it again.

                          Then again I'm, becoming sort of a beet freak.

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                          1. re: 10foot5

                            I had a quite good, though hardly huge Ahi tuna sandwich, lots of crisp slaw with it, at Southie today. The demographic was different than previously described, mostly young folk, a few parents with kids, hardly anyone over 50.

                            The two person tables, though, gave me about the most uncomfortable eating experience I've had for a long time. When somebody sat at the next table, she kept bumping into my back. I'm not tiny, but I'm not huge and neither was she. As far as I could tell, she wasn't doing anything weird that would have caused this effect. I've never had this experience anywhere else. The tables are bolted to the wall, so you can't move them as you might in other restaurants. Maybe the counter is better.

                          2. My spouse is a Southie fan. As are people on this Board whose views and palates I respect. So although I've not been thrilled the couple prior times I've tried it, I gave Southie another go today.

                            And it was once again 3.0/3.3 (on a 4 point scale)

                            I got the soup and sandwich combo that includes soup of the day and grilled cheese for $10. Corn soup was plenty creamy--just not very complex or corn-y or peppy (my husband esp. loves their soups). And grilled cheese was greasy and bland. I actually felt queasy, walking out of there. The service was cheerful, if a bit chaotic.

                            Wood Tavern has such a good "hit" rate. And this is our 'hood. And (as I've said in prior posts) the Boston area is my original 'hood. I really wanna like a place that calls itself Southie. But I don't. My husband would say I'm a hard grader.

                            Wood Tavern
                            6317 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618

                            6311 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

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                            1. re: sundeck sue

                              3.0/3.3 out of 4 seems to me to be generous, based on your comments, almost a B- minus curve.

                            2. Reviving this discussion to report a hugely memorable (and hugely huge) pulled pork sandwich--the "Spicy Hog" (no idea why that one gets special quotation marks). Other than 'pork', I can't think of the right words to express the flavours, but it was a really good sandwich. The menu said it has lemon aioli, but I didn't taste that, although I also didn't miss it.

                              I could only eat about half and had to save the rest for the next day. By then the juices had completely soaked through the bread, so it was sort of like a pork version of an Italian beef sandwich (i.e. the bread is doused in jus), but the Acme roll has enough integrity that it is OK.

                              Again, really good.

                              1. Had a bacon and egg salad for lunch, which is a variation on the classic frisée aux lardons minus croutons and plus truffle oil. Very good.

                                Fried chicken salad was good panko-fried chicken nuggets with a good iceberg, apple, and blue cheese salad. Seemed kind of like two dishes in one bowl but both were good.

                                Fritatta looked fantastic.