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Jan 15, 2011 02:10 PM

cooking supply stores in Philly?

We know about Fante's in the Italian Market but what are some other good stores for cooking supplies? We're looking for casseroles, soup terrines, pie plates, things like that. Baltimore literally has zero other than big box stores and a tiny Williams Sonoma, so we might take the excuse to head up to Philly, eat at Paesano's and get what we need.

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  1. On 2nd St near and north of Arch are a number of Restaurant supply stores. My fav is on the SE corner of 2nd and Arch is economy. Tons of stuff and very helpful people. Ask for Danny the owner.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. We skipped that because it was sunday and those types of places are never open on sunday. We did go to your regional chain Kitchen Kapers (near Rittenhouse) and found it to be surprisingly well stocked with quality stuff.

      We also were dismayed to find Paesano's closed (I started a thread about that) but ate at DiNic's instead, after missing it the last few trips. It was good (really good down where the bread soaked up the juices) but not as good as Paesano's.

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        Paesano's is open Sundays, but they are moving down the street any day now, so the owner/chef can open a restaurant in the 9th & Christian space. If there was no sign, maybe it's closed for a few days for the move?

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          (check the other thread for more detailed discussion of Paesano's: )

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          I just wanted to add that the Kitchen Kapers Rittenhouse locations has a very knowledgeable staff. This is not your typical mall outpost; in fact, it feels like a local store. the staff asked you what you are interested in as soon as you enter, guides you to the product and then gives their advice if you need it. I had a nice chat with one of the staff a week ago when questioned as to what I was going to do with my two small prep bowls. When I responded that they were going to be used to store hair accessories in my medicine cabinet, we both laughed :)

          The Williams Sonoma store a few blocks away (Broad and Walnuts Streets) has quality products, but the prices are not restaurant supply level...

      2. check out They're locally based and have some really great stuff

        1. This place is pretty unassuming from the outside, but I've found lots of good kitchenwares here.

          Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant Supply
          631 E Passyunk Ave
          Philadelphia, PA 19147

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            This is definitely the place to get what you need. They are actually at the intersection of 5th and Bainbridge. Not open on Sundays tho.

          2. I think it is on Cherry, between 10th and 11th, and next to a Chinese grocery is an Asian Restaurant supply store that I LOVE!!!! Woks as big as a kiddie pool and spiders galore!!!