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Jan 15, 2011 02:04 PM

Edmonton: What to Order at Langano Skies and Sofra

Recently I asked for ideas for an authentic ethnic eating experience in Edmonton and Langano Skies and Sofra were recommended.

Any menu standouts? Anything to avoid? We are both very adventurous eaters and would appreciate your personal recommendations on both places (we have been to neither). Thanks!

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  1. At Sofra - the freshly made pita appetizer with three dips and for main entrees of rack of lamb or adana kebap are my favorites. Efes Pilsner beer.

    1. I was at Sofra last Sunday. It is one of my favorite spots in Edmonton. I second the three dip appetizer- it is delicious. I also reccomend the lamb and chicken kebab meal as well as the lentil soup.

      Langono Skies is another good choice. In the past I have enjoyed the Kategna (it's very spicy!), doro wot (I prefer it made with chicken breast), doro tibs, yebeg wot (lamb), and curried yebeg tibs. I have had most of the vegetarian dishes and they are all good!


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        Thank you both very much. It sounds as though whichever we choose we are in for a treat!

      2. One more question - it looks as though Sofra is only open for dinner. Would Langano Skies be a good choice for a lunch or is dinner better? We will be in Edmonton two nights and three lunches (have reservations for Red Ox one evening).

        1. My favorite at Langano Skies is the shiro wot (kind of like a pea curry) -- yummy, especially if you like spicy food!
          We also really like the atekilk aletcha wot (potatoes and cabbage).
          A good way to try a lot of different things there is to go to their monthly vegetarian buffet (last Tuesday of each month).

          I think Langano Skies has lunch specials (never had them though), but they're not open every day for lunch. Hours and menu here:

          1. At Sofra - I really enjoyed the spinach salad with garlic-yogurt dressing. Very pungent, good stuff. I found the mains overpriced though and fairly lacklustre. The swordfish kebab was well-cooked but the sides of rice and grilled (mushy) veggies were underwhelming at best. Priced in the mid $20s range is too high.

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              I think the rice at Sofra is horrible! Always happy with appetizers and protein, but yeah, the sides are seriously lacking. Great baklava though.