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Jan 15, 2011 01:05 PM

Benedict's - NDG

Just returned from an astoundingly bad experience at Benedict's on Monkland in NDG.

Our group's original plan had been to meet at Gryphon D'or at 3 pm, but unfortunately there wasn't a seat to be had. The place was packed with people who'd reserved for afternoon tea and they were extremely apologetic.

One member of our group of five suggested going next door to Benedict's. Despite my small protests (I'd had a previous bad experience) we ended up there because it was close, one person was mitten-less, and the snow was coming down hard.

It's been a really long time since I've had such poor service in a restaurant. Where do I start?

- Had to repeatedly ask for water, the most basic of all things.
- Waiter could not remember who ordered what to drink, and asked us to repeat this information several times, despite having written our order down in a notepad. Said drinks arrived in 3 batches, and only one drink arrived before we'd begun eating.
- Sugar and teaspoons were never brought.
- Food sat getting cold for at least 5 minutes because nobody had knives, even after we requested them

The food itself was edible, but mediocre. One person had wanted waffles with strawberries, which weren't available. Another ordered French toast with apples, which to my great surprise turned out to be raw slices.

The waiter did not come over even once during the meal to ask if everything was OK or whether we needed anything else. The restaurant was not busy - only about a quarter full - and there were plenty of other waitstaff around, so it's not even like the waiter was serving all the tables on his own. The level of "I don't care" attitude was spectacular.

I somehow left the restaurant hungrier than I was when I went in, not a normal occurrence. What a disaster. I will never go back.

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  1. When i saw the title of this post, the first thing that popped into my head was a big "NO!" -expecting a post along the lines of "should we go to Benedicts?".....

    1. the restaurant was sold a couple of years ago to some schmucks who fired everyone. It had been going downhill already, I suspect the old owners were sick of the business, but yes, it is truly awful now. I had breakfast on the terrasse last summer and was really disappointed in my basic eggs/sausage/awful fried potatoes, which cost me over $10! I suspect it won't last much longer.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I was there a couple of times last summer and found the service OK if a little distant, but had one of the worst benedicts I've ever had. The second time I had the yogurt and fruit platter, which was humungous and pretty hard to mess up. Came with a huge puffy bagel - which is weird, when there are great bagels available just up the street at St-Viateur.

          1. One member of my group informed me today that the waffle he had at Benedict's is one of the worst he's ever had. How hard is it to make a decent waffle?

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              clearly you have never experienced service at B & M corner Somerled and Grand...especially in the summer with their outdoor patio...on more than one occasion if you sit outside they forget you are there; and when they see you; they ignore what you want leaving you to fend for yourself.

              It is right up there with Benedicts; however and totally on the other end of the spectrum in both service and attitude and quality of food is Cafe Orange on Decarie Blvd.

              Walk in there and they can't do enough for you to have a pleasurable experience.