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Jan 15, 2011 12:32 PM

What's your favorite jared tomato sauce?

I usually make my own, but there are the times when you need to open a jar and eat. I like Rao's but it's so expensive, even when they go on sale. Other than that I'll buy Trader Joe's Organic tomato sauce just to have on hand or something from Whole Foods if it's on sale. What do you like to keep around?

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  1. During the late summer DW makes sauce from our tomatoes and herbs and cans it so I've got a supply of that handy to use all year. Apart from that, somebody gave me a jar of M. Batali's that I thought was pretty good. Then there was a sauce called Frank's, I think, and I liked their Fra Diabolo, but that might have been local or regional to CT or Northeast.

    1. Never thought I'd love a jarred sauce, but Silver Palate is really good. I buy a few when they're on sale, which is often.

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        Love Silver Palate Marinara. Very light sauce, good in a pinch.

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          I got some Silver Palate marinaras on closeout for like $3.50 a jar. I should have bought them was so good. Nornally, they are $8+ in Austin. My Italian Sicilian wife said it was the best marinara she's ever had.

          For a cheap sauce, I hate to admit, but I like Emeril's Extra Gaaahhhlic. Go figure......I heat it up with a baby back bone, if I have one.

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            for those of us that live in southern california, the GELSON'S chain of supermarkets normally runs a $4 sale on the silver palate marinara about 3 times a year. . .

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              I've bought it for $2 or $2.50 here in NY, one grocery chain is really pushing the whole Silver Palate line. Works for me!

        2. I once asked a native Italian woman I worked with this question. I'll never forget the look on her face. Real horror movie reaction minus the scream. I like Classico tomato and basil though it is simple enough to open a can of good tomatoes, season, and add to sauted onions and garlic.

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              1. If you live near Englewood N.J. go to "JERRY'S" they make their own sauce, in jars, it is the best prepared sauce I have tasted.