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Jan 15, 2011 11:16 AM

Trying Fat Frank's tonight!

I am very excited, and dying for some good BBQ! Any suggestions on what to order?

There have been so many other posts on some great new local BBQ joints. Any suggestions on the best other ones to try? What is the specialty of each place?

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  1. Never heard of it. Where is Fat Frank's?

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    1. re: mitchh

      They seem to move their location alot, they were initially in the Whistle at train station in Ardsley now they set up shop in Jerzees sports bar in Dresher. I think its just a weekend thing, 12-5.

      1. re: AmblerGirl

        Where is Jerzees, AmblerGirl? Not being a bar person, I have no clue. But I would like to try the BBQ.

        1. re: crazyspice

          Fat Frank's is located at Jerzees sports bar in glenside: 2609 Mount Carmel Ave. Here's the website:

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            If you are coming from 309, you get onto Pennsylvania Ave. Pennsylvania Ave. becomes Mt. Carmel Ave -- your markers are Mt. Carmel Presbyterial Church and Jack Frost. Just past that intersection, youi will see a small strip of stores on the right. Jersees is right across the street from that strip of stores, on your left. If you go over the railroad tracks, you have gone too far. .

            1. re: PattiCakes

              Thanks PC! I have to get over there soon!

      2. Probably too late for today, but our favorite item there is the baked beans. Everything is pretty good, and the beans are amazing. We haven't been to the new location yet, but going to try to get there soon.

        1. We went for it and ordered almost everything on the menu - ribs, pulled pork, brisket, beans, slaw, mac n cheese. I wanted to try the smoked ribs but they were out. Everything was amazing, the ribs were the best I have had, the beans were nice and meaty, the mac n cheese was just like my grandmother made. Everything was homemade, even the sauce. Frank and his wife could not have been nicer. We ate like kinds for around $25 dollars. I am normally not a fan of BBQ in the area but this is the best I have had in a long time.

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            So glad this place is getting attention and also keeping up the quality. I found them at an earlier location a few months ago, thought the food and the people making it were both outstanding, and then left the country for Kenya immediately thereafter. I've been following them on the internet since I left and daydreaming about their food.

          2. I recommend the brisket - it's the best I've ever had. The ribs are great too - I've never had the chicken but will try it the next time I'm there.

            1. I've been there twice so far - once at the Whistle and once at Jerzees. Mind you - I live about 25 minutes away but it is worth the drive. Last time had a VERY generous half rack of ribs. Very meaty and flavorful. Topped it off with a hearty brisket sandwich. Wanted to try more, but I was STUFFED. Big Frank himself welcomes all opinions and feedback. Went to the bar and finished off the afternoon with a beer. A perfect way to fill up on a Sat afternoon...