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Jan 15, 2011 10:31 AM

Need some Peach Farm advice... sorta quick so respond now :)

Bringing my in laws to Peach Farm tonight. I have been there many times but my wife and I am pretty adventurous eaters... This is the first time I am going with the complete opposite.

There will be 6 of use. None of them are big eaters so we really can't sample a huge assortment of items. They are not really adventurous but not especially picky either if that makes sense. No allergies and no aversion to anything in particular.

So far I have:

ginger & scallion lobster or crab (ask them which)
Yang Chow fried rice (wife's a fan)

not much I know.... that's why i am asking you guys.


Peach Farm
4 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

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  1. Beef chow foon dry fried, fried soft shell crab (crab will be frozen this time of year) still pretty good, salt and pepper fried pork chops and/or squid. I think they have a beef dish served on sizzler plate wtih onions and pepper. Steamed scallops in shell are good even for the less adventuresome. If they have them pea tendrill's or watercrest are good.

    Search this board for past post of peoples favorites

    1. Something stir-fried (e.g., mustard greens with shredded beef), something deep-fried or dry-fried (e.g., dry-fried salted squid), a soup or hot pot (e.g., corn with shredded chicken or seafood/tofu hot pot), something else seafood-y (e.g., spicy-salt squid/pork chop/shrimp), your live-tank dish (e.g., ginger/scallion lobster -- fish is also great, my favorite), a vegetable dish (maybe pea pod stems), your fried rice dish, and if you're a real trencherman, maybe a noodle dish (maybe HK-style yee mein). Okay, that's a lot, but there are a few ideas.

      I'd stay away from things that look familiar from American-Chinese menus (like Peking ravioli and the General), the Sichuan section, and Northern dishes (e.g., Peking duck). As long as you make something from the live tanks the centerpiece (consider Maine shrimp in their brief season if they have them!), you should be happy. Take a long look at what's in the tanks and choose your own.

      1. omg, you have to get their giant clams filled with garlic-y vermicelli. soooo good. omnomnomnom.