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Jan 15, 2011 09:40 AM

New version of Latin American Cafe in Brickell disappointing

Checked out the new Latin American in Mary Brickell Village. Very disappointing. The parent resto, Latin American Cafe on Coral Way, is the classic Cuban lunch counter experience, with great, juicy, Cuban sandwiches, Caldo Gallego, and a repertoire of other classics. It is casual and you feel like everyone is part of one big family.

They really got it wrong in the new Brickell venue. First, they lost all the atmosphere and tried to brickell-ize into a fancy night spot for bankers and their trophy babes. Even worse, the food was terrible. I mean, please tell me you can at least make a decent Cuban sandwich--this was a dried up piece of ham on stale bread that I could barely swallow. The caldo gallego tasted like someone accidentally opened a salt shaker into it. It is too bad that restauranteurs can't just do what they do best, instead of trying to do what all the other spots around them are doing. Let's try to inject a little humanity into this neighborhood. And the next time I hear Bambolero by the Gypsy Kings I am going to vomit. It was good the first one thousand times I heard it in the nineties, but let's change up the pace already. Sorry for the rant but I actually care about Miami not being a parody of itself.

I went back to the original on Coral Way and order the same thing, just to check. It was great.

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  1. Where is the Coral Way resto? Last time I checked (couple of years back) it was a pile of rubble. The original is the Latin American Cafeteria, not Cafe, perhaps the Chinese are not only making fake electronic parts, but also Cuban restaurants?

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      The Coral Way Latin American is on about 15th and Coral Way. It's got a nice indoor lunch counter and tables and a shaded patio.

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        According to Burgerbeast, might be the "original." I'll try to check out it this thursday or friday.

    2. The original comment has been removed