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Jan 15, 2011 09:10 AM

looking for pine nuts in calgary

Where can I buy them?

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  1. Robot Jesus:

    I would think that the "easy" answer is at just about any major supermarket as I have seen them [here in Edmonton] at Sobey's, Save-On and Safeway on the cooking aisle along with other baking/cooking nuts.

    They can be expensive in the smaller packages.

    Also check the "bulk food" aisles both within the supermarkets and/or organic food outlets.

    I would also assume that specialty "ethnic" stores also carry them in larger quantities and potentially better prices like the Italian Centre does here. Country of origin can vary from store to store.

    1. Major grocery stores like Safeway.
      Community Natural Foods
      Planet Organic
      Italian Markets like Mercato in Mission.

      1. Costco also sells them in large bags.

        I think my mom has picked them up at Asian supermarkets around town, like Lambda or Hang Fung Foods. Small packages but very reasonably priced.

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        1. re: aktivistin

          You may want to be cautious, if you can, about buying pine nuts from China. The Feb. edition of Cooks Illustrated has a column about "pine mouth" - a sensation of metallic bitterness in the mouth for a few days after eating pine nuts. It has been linked to pine nuts from China, which, though cheap, are certainly different species than those from traditional pine nut supply areas.

          1. re: altavino

            I had a friend who had this - was horrilbe. Lasted for a week. She went to the doctor to no avail but then 'googled' it and found out it was probably from the pine nuts.

            1. re: beggsy

              Really? Could you link to the article? I'd like to learn more, because, on first inspection, this sounds like nonsense. However, I am open to learning more. So, please, a link or two.

              1. re: Leibowitz

                This happened to me last year and it was very frightening (until I figured out what was happening) and lasted for about 1 1/2 weeks! I have been VERY wary of pine-nuts since then.

                A few links to check out here:


                1. re: KcM

                  Thanks for the warnings, KcM and beggsy. So I guess buyer beware when picking up pine nuts from Asian supermarkets or otherwise, especially if they look less than fresh.

                  I haven't tried the pine nuts from Costco, but the other packaged nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans) have all been fresh. Perhaps pine nuts are one of those nuts that stale quickly, like shelled pistachios and brazil nuts? Maybe best stored in the fridge?

                  1. re: aktivistin

                    Gah! I also had this happen to me (bought from Save on in the bulk section) and it lasted 2 whole weeks. We made butternut squash ravioli with sage/pine nuts and me and the bf both couldnt taste anything but bitter for 2 weeks. Tasted like I had chewed on a metallic bar.... life was so unfufilling for the pine mouth weeks :(

          2. re: aktivistin

            Stay away fro Metro Brands "Selection" label Pine nuts sold in Metro stores. They are a product of CHINA, and the cause of our issue with Pine Mouth.
            They were also fresh (at least out of a new package), so it shouldn't be a case of bad batch.

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            1. you can buy them bulk at coops, safeway. some sobeys carry them in retail packs in the produce department.
              pine nuts should be kept refrigerated or they can turn rancid.


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              1. re: whythreecats

                It's usually recommended to keep nuts of all kinds in the freezer.