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Jan 15, 2011 08:24 AM

Making yogurt in a rice cooker?

I have a Zojirushi rice cooker with a "keep warm" setting. Could I use this setting for the incubation period? I'm not sure if that would be too warm. I also don't want it to affect my lovely rice=)

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  1. I have a different brand, but if I keep my rice on the warm setting for more than an hour, the bottom of my rice scorches (which I think is the danger here, the placement of the heating element).

    Maybe you could try it with just water and a probe thermometer for the same amount of time, and see what the temperature comes up to? At least you'd have that question answered. And I could be wrong, but I still think a more ambient heat is better for the yogurt.

    1. Did you try it? I'm thinking of getting the Zoji also, but being able to incubate yogurt would tip the scale to actually buying it.

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        no I didn't. I agree that it would be too warm

      2. I think it would be too warm. My fuzzy logic Sanyo cooker keeps the pot warm enough where it's hot to the touch. For yogurt, you just need slight warmth. My mom always uses the pilot light in her oven. Works like a charm.

        1. What I do is prewarm the jar in a 200 degree oven. As soon as the mixture is ready wrap the filled jar in two or more kitchen towels and leave on the counter. That will make it warm enough to set no problem.

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            Thanks for both your help. i guess deep down inside i know the truth: i don't really need a rice cooker, and i don't really want to start making yogurt again

            1. re: shahkbhaji

              oh no! you need the rice cooker lol! I love that thing to death. I especially love it for making Japanese haiga-mai rice. It's so good.

            2. I will make yogurt in stoneware/ glass ( not in plastic) and i leave it to set on my heating vent for a few hours , when it feels warm enough i just slide it off and leave it to set for longer.Has worked for me...