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Jan 15, 2011 08:13 AM

Need to use three leftover loaves of Wonder Bread - no croutons or bread pudding! Ideas?

I have 3.5 leftover loaves of Wonder Bread that we took from an event because we didn't want them to get thrown out, even though we rarely eat Wonder Bread. Does anyone have ideas of what we can do with them, or at least part of them? Don't want to make croutons, breadcrumbs, or bread pudding, so I'm a little lost for ideas.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Freeze and save for another day.

      We make chicken supreme - boil a chicken, debone, make a savory dressing, add chicken, cover with gravy made from broth and bake till hot all the way through. That should get rid of 1.5 loaves.

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        Replying to an old post on an old thread. Hooray.

        Anyway: the only time my mother ever bought the stuff was for her amazing turkey stuffing (very traditional; onion, sage, celery, butter, some other stuff I can't remember right now), which she cooked in the bird, salmonella be damned. If one must use up Wonder bread, seems like an excellent way to do it.

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          Garlic soup is great and delicious, but I prefer a more crusty loaf.

          To the OP-Grilled cheese sandwiches, let the bread dry and use it for stuffing, as a panade for meatballs or meatloaf when soaked in milk, classic pb & j or fluffernutters, as a toasted crouton base for eggs baked in a muffin tin...the donation idea is a good one, as well, although while it's very possible that food pantry recipients would be grateful, they may not like Wonder Bread any more that you do.;-)

          Here are more dinner ideas, from the Wonder bread website:

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          1. there's always *savory* bread pudding.

            other ideas:
            - romesco
            - french toast
            - grilled cheese
            - stuffing
            - stale it, buzz into crumbs, mix with herbs and store in the freezer
            - tea sandwiches
            - panade for meatloaf
            - make this:
            hopefully your browser gives you a "translate" option!
            - bread soup:

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              Wow, again we think alike, and were posting some similar ideas at the same time!