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What can I do with "old" flour tortillas?

My friend made me homemade tortillas last Friday. A dozen were left. I wrapped them in foil (didn't even get them wrapped well, I noticed later) and forgot about them.

Homemades are a treat so I want to salvage them. Any ideas? (Um, they were a little dry to begin with. :<) )


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  1. Sprinkle them with water and heat them in the oven briefly. They will perk up but you will then need to use them directly. You could also make a tortilla pie: ;ayer them in a pan with neat, cheese, beans, salsa, whatever you like, and bake. Just make sure there is something a little liquidy.

    1. I take old corn or flour tortillas and cut them into wedges and toss in the microwave in a single layer and cook until just getting brown. Makes nice chips without added fat.

      1. If you throw them in the microwave with a damp towel will moisten them right up. If they are pliable enough to wrap, enchiladas are a great use because of all the enchillada liquid will soak tortillas.

          1. Make migas - basically an egg scramble with leftover meat, some onion. Toss in the tortillas, torn up. Top with cilantro, sour cream, salsa, avocado....
            One of my favorite brunch dishes.

            1. Thanks for the great ideas, everybody!

              Ch smooth: REally, you use flour tortillas in your migas? i have only used corn.

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                Shoot, I didn't read carefully!
                I use corn.

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                  I've used flour tortillas in a migas like preparation - they get a little softer than corn, but that's no big deal. Around passover time you'll discussion of a similar dish made with wet matzo.

                  The simplest thing to do with a stale flour tortilla is to warm it in the microwave for about 10 sec.

                2. What about some kind of tortilla casserole? Maybe not this exact one, but you get the idea...


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                    +1 for a tortilla casserole...the vals are in agreement! ♥ Check out Epicurious' Tortilla Pie...very very good!

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                      "the vals are in agreement"...funny!

                  2. Fry them in about an inch of canola or vegetable oil. They puff up. Remove from oil and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar mix. Now you have bunuelos.

                    1. Cut the circles into eighths (triangles), form into bowls in a muffin tin and bake until starting to brown around the edges. I use them as little bowls to serve other stuff in such as purees, a lentil and herbed goat cheese topping, or serve with pureed peas topped with creme fraiche and chives. So easy and cute but impressive looking (especially if the tortillas are colourful such as spinach).

                      1. THanks to everyone for their good suggestions!