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Jan 15, 2011 07:47 AM

Middle Eastern food on the west side of Detroit

I made an attachment to the subject "Best Middle-eastern food in Dearborn" but got only two replies. We will be staying in Novi 1/15 - 1/19 and wanting to eat middle-eastern 1/18. The best middle eastern food here in Des Moines comes out of my own kitchen. Where's the best place to take the family?

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  1. I guess we should ask your range of a willing drive.

    Here is also map to help....

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    1. re: JanPrimus

      Most of these are in our range. Bloomfield, Southfield, Farmington, Novi. The other thread had La Marsa & Farm Grill recommended. I've been to Pinelands before and liked it. Anyplace that stands out?

      Farm Grill
      30990 Beck Rd, Novi, MI 48377

      1. re: Iowaboy3

        My vote is La Marsa. Their food is always so fresh and flavorful! Just yesterday I had a shish tawook w/ tabouli sandwich. Delish. And of course some hummous with that. They have the best hummous that I've ever had! And if you like baba ganoush, theirs is the best. Everything I've had there is excellent. Always take family from out of town there, and they loved it too! My daughter has been to lots of middle eastern restaurants, including those in Dearborn. Her favorite is La Marsa. Enjoy!

        1. re: Rheta

          Hi Iowaboy, Glad to see Rheta replied. I was figuring the board had become thoroughly exhausted by this topic. Here are some recent past rounds --

          Welcome and Good luck!

          PS—Now that you’ve tried Pine Land, you could try Cedarland, a favorite of local Dearborn gluttons (huge portions, for mid range prices).