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Jan 15, 2011 07:25 AM

Looking for mid range restaurant in Palm Beach area with Good Food - Fine Dining atmosphere not required

I am visiting the Palm Beach area next week. I have seen some posts for the fine dining restaurants, many referring readers to the Breakers, with which I am familiar. I'm looking for some restaurants that are a bit more low-key with entrees from $15 - $25. Having trouble finding local favorites, many of the restaurants I am finding online look like big operations catering to tourists. Trying to find something with local flavor - fresh seafood would be great. Also like Italian, Asain fusion, French. White linen service not required; would prefer relaxed with really good food. I'm from a resort area, and while there are exceptions, waterfront restaurants where I'm from don't typically have the best food. However, if anyone knows of a great place with a view that would be awesome, but the food is the most important thing. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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  1. If you are willing to drive 15 miles north, Leftover's Cafe in Jupiter is a great seafood resto that is casual and definitely local fare. They have a changing daily menu specializing in seafood and I highly recommend it. It is my favorite seafood resto in the area. Entrees are in the $24 to $28 range though. Food Shack is their original resto.

    Captain Charlies Reef Grill in Juno is another good option and they have no website. $20 to $24 for entrees. Leftovers has a bit nicer atmosphere and these are smaller non tourist places. Both have great appetizer and daily menus that I am sure you will like. Another good option lower on the price scale would be Cool'ah Fish Bar in Legacy Place of Palm Beach Gardens. Very good seafood and in the $18 to $20 range. The same owners as Jetty's listed below. Either of these 3 are the best options for what you asked for.

    Or you can go to Jetty's on the Jupiter Inlet or River House in Palm Beach Gardens on the Intracoastal but these are also in the $25+ range. Both have the best food for on the water. I would not recommend Panama Hatties or Waterway in PBG.

    You can get menus for places with no website by googling their name plus menu.

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      We are vacationing right now in Lake Worth and we regularly go south to Boynton Beach to a place now known as Capriccio Bistro (formerly Tentazione) which serves excellent pastas with seafood (spaghetti with baby clams, etc) in the $20 range. Small place in a mall on southwest corner of Congress and Boynton Beach Blvd between the Publix supermarket and the Ginza Sushi Buffet. No view but very good food and wines.

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        I have no escape from going to Panama Hatties this weekend. I trust Freaker and would like to avoid but it is not up to me. That said, any recommendations on decent dishes there? I'm always willing to give Conch Chowder a try, it's hard to mess that up too bad.

        Sounds like there's also a free half hour water taxi ride which might be a nice little diversion.

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          They have had a recent menu revamping and possibly a new chef to go with it. Waterway may be a bit better for you if you can switch.

      2. If you are interested in local flavor, Havana Cuban restaurant is really good. It is open 24 hrs and is rated one of the best Cuban restaurants in SoFL. Price ranges any where between $7-$30. It's located in south West Palm Beach at the corner of Dixie Highway/Forest Hill Ave

        In Lake Worth, just south of WPB, is a little hole called Havana Hideout on Lake Ave. It was featured on the food network. Great gnosh food for an excellent price. $3-$12 There are several other really good restaurants in Lake Worth but not sure of the price range for the Italian place, Rustico Italiano, but it is excellent according to a lot of the northern snow birds.

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          Both Havana's are really good options for the OP.

        2. No need to hit the highway to be well fed in PB-WP. Try E.R.Bradley's, on the intracoastal in WP adjacent to the marina n. of the bridge. Good chow in your wheelhouse price range, very much a local spot.

          1. Buccan is supposed to open up this weekend in Palm Beach, and will feature a small plate menu from Clay Conley (formerly of Azul at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami). It's located at 350 S. County Rd in Palm Beach. ( Chef Dean Max from 3030 Ocean in Fort Lauderdale just took over the restaurant at the former Solu location in Singer Island. Larry Lavalley, who used to be with the David Manero Restaurant Group will be the Exec. Chef. It will be called 3800 Ocean. I'm not sure when the menu will change, but it is sure to fill the void of being a great seafood restaurant with a view in PBG.

            350 S County Rd, Palm Beach, FL 33480

            1. One other spot that has just recently come under our scope...Rhythm Cafe ( Excellent food!