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Jan 15, 2011 07:05 AM

internal temp for braised pot roast?

some recipes say to braise in oven at 350...was wondering if the very low and slow (225) is worth it?
what internal temperature do i want to pull the pot roast out at?

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  1. Low and slow is always worth it for a braise. The pot roast will be done when it's approaching fork tender. I don't usually rely on a particular internal temp, but it should be tender enough and definitely done at around 160°+. The point is that it be tender, regardless of internal temp.

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      Agreed: if the meat is fork tender, it's done. I don't go by internal temperature for pot roast, since it will come to temperature well before it's done.

    2. Most of the collagen will be breaking down between 160-180* f. It will break down at lower internal temps but it takes a lot longer. At a cooking temp of 350 you should look for an internal higher than 180. More like 190-200 to be really fork tender. I would personally advise starting lower. Per Harold McGee, start at 200 then raise to 250 after a couple of hours. Higher temps lead to drying of the meat.

      1. While depending on size if you opt for 225 unless it is a HUGE pot roast and still chilled from fridge, three to four hours should be good and fall apart fork tender and done. Internal temp does not need to play a huge role in such a long braise.

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          RE: "falling apart, fork tender, internal temp...not a huge role" I just love it when chowhounds agree...

        2. room temp roast to start
          300 degrees
          avoids needing to sear first
          flip 2 hours in
          3.5 - 4 hours