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Jan 15, 2011 06:32 AM

Chicago Restaurant Week - February 18-27, 2011

This is the big one, with over 200 restaurants participating. Prix fixe meals are $22 lunch, $33/$44 dinner. This year's participating restaurants are listed on the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau's website at

For reservations at Restaurant Week restaurants that accept reservations on Opentable, go to

For reports on meals during last year's event, see the discussion at

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  1. how much is spiaggia for lunch or dinner?

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    1. re: jguskadoo

      Spiaggia is not participating, but Cafe Spiaggia is. The link above shows a menu for Cafe Spiaggia but it doesn't say whether it's for lunch or dinner. All Restaurant Week menu lunches are $22; dinners are either $33 or $44. Since Cafe Spiaggia is moderately priced, I would assume that their RW dinner is $33.

    2. Some restaurants are extending the availability of their Restaurant Week bargains past the official end tomorrow, for an extra day or a week or more. For a complete list, see

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        Thanks for the reminder, nsxtasy. Just booked a reservation at Bistro Champaigne which we have enjoyed in the past. And by the way, my wife and I went to Restaurant Michael again on Thursday night and had another spectacular meal. This restaurant is quite a gem and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a fabulous meal on the Northshore. And remember that there is no corkage fee on Tuesday nights! Don

        1. re: dlpens

          We did Mortons,Schaumburg last Friday for dinner. Were there early, 6pm. I think we were probably their first RW dinners. Had to ask specfically about the menu, but it was explained cheerfully. Thought it was a great bargain $33 for a very nice, perfectly cooked filet, huge house salad, nice side of potatoes, and creme brulee. Husband had similar, dessert was the mousse. A ton of food, great service. A good experience.

          Did lunch today at Atwater, Geneva. $22 for salad, veal tenderloin with mashed potatoes and mousse. The salad not as billed (endive, cooked tomato, warm brie, nuts), it was endive, a teeny tiny triangle of cold brie, 2 or possibly 3 raw halved grape (not even cherry) tomatos, a nice but over dressed vineagrette. The rest of the meal was good, husband had salmon. Dessert a bit small, but it was lunch. The menu was offered when asked about it. Later I heard them offering it right away to other tables. Food good, would probably return.