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Jan 15, 2011 06:30 AM

What was that onion-ey garlic-ey smell in Haverhill on Saturday??

Early Saturday morning around 8AM, I was in the Mill Street area of Haverhill and it was filled with the most incredible smell of what seemed to me to be an "everything" bagel. I tried to "follow my nose" but I just could not find the source of the smell. It could have been onion rolls or bagels or something like that, but was hoping someone could help me to identify who was responsible for this great scent!


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      1. re: JoeFixes

        sorry, we have this happen in maine a lot. papermills have run off that smells like garlic. onions, chives. is there a paper mill in haverill?

    1. Fantini Bakery is over there somewhere isn't it?