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Jan 15, 2011 06:26 AM

Best atmosphere for martinis?

Looking for a "girl's night out" venue. Old school or new school. A must is a great martini.

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  1. Well, I'm pregnant, so I didn't try the martinis, but my friends did. We had a great girl's night out at WA Frost a few weeks ago, in the lounge. Comfy cozy seating, good service, pretty good happy hour deals between 4-6.

    1. I really like the vibe at Bradstreet. I would say more old school but a great place to hang out.

      1. I vote for The Lexington on Grand Ave. in St. Paul. Old school vibe.

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        1. re: leeniebeanie

          Old School? When Don Draper comes to town, he goes to the Lex.

          1. re: stymie

            Next time he comes to town, let me know. Just thought I would throw out something other than Bradstreet.

          1. re: drew13000

            Scratch the Town Talk. Just saw that they are closing today, for good.

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              My CH is a huge martini fan - I was also going to recommend Frost - in the bar...but I didn't know if Girls Night Out meant casual, or have a few martinis and then go dancing, in which case Frost in St Paul wouldn't really cut it. But, it's relaxing and cozy, and they have a variety of great cocktails besides martinis! Also, Lexington has good martinis -and during HH, they're a steal. The other venue is Seven Sushi Lounge. We had cocktails there before heading to another restaurant for dinner -and they're made exactly to perfection.

              1. re: snoboardbabe77

                Are reservations needed for the lounge at WA Frost (esp during weekend evenings)?

                1. re: mech_e

                  I've never made a reservation for the lounge? I've been there on a Friday, Saturday and a Tuesday? Twice just a few cocktails before our dinner reservation (even if it is not busy, I just like making a reservation to guarantee the time I want) and the other time - just stopped for a cocktail before going elsewhere for dinner. I don't even know if you can make a res for the lounge; it might be first come, first serve?

          2. The bird-bath martinis at the bar in the St. Paul Hotel are epic. I like the atmoshphere as well.

            As noted, WA Frost is fun and beautiful this time of year.

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