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Jan 15, 2011 06:17 AM

Haiku in Chapaqua and Salsa Fresca in Bedford Hills

Ttwo things I'm curious about
1) Has anyone tried what I am guessing is Haiku in chappaqua? I think it's opened and i wonder how it compares to the other 100 asian fusion restaurants in the area.

2) Has anyone been to/heard anything about Salsa Fresca that is opening near the bagel place in bedford hills?

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  1. Have not been to Haiku in Chappaqua, but Haiku is Haiku. They are all the same.

    1. I just saw this...

      Havent tried Haiku yet but looking forward to try it soon!

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      1. re: apples

        Aha - THAT bagel place. It will be where the mattress place was.

      2. Is it worth my time and money to try Haiku? I go to daido and make my own sushi and maki.
        My negi toro maki is killer.
        Is there anything there worth paying for?

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        1. re: AdamD

          Haiku is a chaine restaurant. They are all over Westchester. They deliver. I would not go out of my way to eat there.

          1. re: wincountrygirl

            The restaurant that opened in the former Takiyama in Chappaqua is Kira Sushi - ended up not being Haiku. Kira also has locations in Armonk and Greenwich.

        2. Well I ordered some rolls from Kira in Chappaqua last night.
          And it was perfectly acceptable and reasonably priced.

          I would not order uni, saba or mirugai but the tuna, yellowtail/scallion and unagi/cucumber rolls were pretty good. The nori even had a bit of bite.

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          1. re: AdamD

            I don't think all the Haiku's are the same. Somehow, the original in Bronxville has the best service and environment. Pleasant place, a little different from the other "Asian Fusion" places in the county.

            Although the food at Wild Ginger, Bronxville and Watermoon, Rye, rocks! (same management.)

            1. re: menton1

              I ordered from Kira, not Haiku.

            2. re: AdamD

              What do you think our quality after oredering from us?
              Please feel free to let us know how we do?

              Thank YOU