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Jan 15, 2011 06:07 AM

Looking for a Shrimp Truck or best fresh bulk shrimp/crawfish on the North side.

I am looking for a shrimp truck or anywhere elese with good bulk, not grocery, shrimp close to The Woodlands.

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  1. The woodlands huh......hmmmm. about you take a road trip and head to Kemah for the day? Bring an ice chest and go to one of the seafood markets under the bridge. The seafood comes fresh off the boats and the oysters are so tight and sweet right now they are to die for. Shrimp freezes well so you could buy in bulk and save some for later. Shrimp prices are always the cheapest in August or September. We usually buy a 100 pounds or so and put them up for a rainy day. I think it just tastes better when you see it being unloaded from the boats lol