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Jan 15, 2011 04:22 AM

Girasole Philadelphia

Good service from start to finish.

Due to bad traffic we skimped a little on the meal and rushed ourselves. First time at the resturant and would have liked to sample a bit more

crudo: I had read several places that the crudo was the thing to try.
Three small plates Yellowtail, Bluefin, and Bronzino lined up left to right. I ate them in the following order...
Yellowtail: Beautifully balanced. The creaminess of the avocado and the bright acidity from the citrus.
Bronzino: Rolled around fresh mozzarella, slightly heavier taste to it good segue to bluefin
Bluefin: A rather lean cut, I do prefer the creamy fatty cut. Nice with the balasamic glaze but was the one fish I could have left out.

Wife started with Insalata di formaggi: a salad of mixed greens, various cheeses and pears. very good.

cervellata con broccoli di rape e fagioli: Homemade sausage with broccoli rabe and white beans.
Hot sausage: Not overly spicy like some- If your a big heat seeker you will be disappointed. fennel flavor without whole seeds is a plus.
Sweet: Tasted like a breakfast sausage at first. This sausage came back at the end of this dish, avoided it compared to the hot but as the broth from the rabe, beans and sausages combined it took on the buttery flavors.
Rabe: Lacked any bitterness. Beans: Buttery

Dish as a whole: Splendid- The homemade sausage is what lead me to order and still am glad I did.

Spaghetti with crab: Perfect al dente pasta, Loaded with crab meat.

No time for dessert:

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  1. Unfortunately, our experience was quite different: awful service from start to finish, mediocre food. Will never return. How does this place stay in business?

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    1. re: jmk38

      Effective marketing tactics I suspect

      1. re: joluvscards

        Every time I go by the place it's completely empty... that's why I wonder how they stay in business.

        1. re: barryg

          We go there occasionally before a concert, since it's very convenient.
          Food is quite good but pricey.
          We usually have an appetizer and a pasta. Their octopus special appetizer is excellent.
          We could use more reasonably priced and good places close to the Kimmel Center.
          The new one in Symphony House, which we haven't tried, is going to be prix-fixe four courses for $45. Not for us, especially before a concert.

          1. re: sylviag

            We eat at Girasole before every Opera & have for many years even when they were on Locust St. (they closed for awhile & are now back on Pine?) Always have good service and good food. We too have an appetizer & a pasta and depending on time - dessert & coffee. Had heavenly ravioli special before Carmen. Concur with the octopus app and would add the roasted red pepper app as well - hubby likes the crudo - I don't do raw fish. They make a special dessert for our friend who is allergic to dairy products.